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  1. Of course Istanbul should be first, but if they cannot win, I'm saying that other more forward looking Islamic countries should look to use the"new frontier" card.
  2. Middle East, Arabic world, absolutely yes. Of course those areas should at least get a chance to host, the Olympics is largely about new cultures. Doha/Dubai, absolutely no. Their heat is unbearable, their laws medieval. For the Middle East, Istanbul is the best chance. However, I think the best possible opportunity for an Islamic country to host would be in Morocco.
  3. Does anyone else here think that the umpiring/DRS this series is EXTREMELY suspicious? Imagine England were Pakistan, the investigations into potential fixing would have already started. Australia have had far too many decisions go against them for there to not be something going on. Any other theories?
  4. Mod, is there any way to skip straight to a particular page in a topic on the mobile site, as you can do on the desktop version? As far as I can see, you have to push next constantly to get to the last page in a topic.
  5. It's a shame Paris aren't in this, as they would have won easily. That said, I don't really mind which city wins 2020, as they all have ups & downs. If I had to vote from this field I would probably pick Tokyo, it is probably the best candidate now. However, this could well change by September 7. One question for anyone who knows more than me, how do you think that the election of the next President will affect the 2020 vote?
  6. Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024, Toronto 2028, Durban 2032. 5 games, 5 continents. Perfect.
  7. I believe that the IOC has now reached the stage where they are now almost desperate to hold the Games in Africa ASAP. As Istanbul 2020 would probably knock both Europe & Asia out of 2024. For a large number of reasons, I don't think they will go to the USA for a while, South America is out due to Rio, Australia could bid but 24 years isn't long enough. I think Toronto will bid for 2024, & if they do, they would be the only city that could upset Africa's chances if Istanbul gets 2020. So I think it will be Rio 16, Istanbul 20, Durban 24, & an established Euro city (Paris?) 28.
  8. So the upshot is that all major decisions in the IOC are made by Putin, together with the Sheikh, with the aim of getting the Games to Doha/Dubai as soon as possible? Very disturbing if true.
  9. Can anyone say if this great site will reopen, & if so, when it will. Since this site closed, there has been no place to download the old bid books other than one Portugese site called Biblioteca Olimpica which was open for a few weeks last year, but has now disappeared as well. If not, is there now anywhere on the Internet where these documents can be downloaded & viewed, or are they gone for good?
  10. If there is one ceremony that I would like to see in full again, it's the OC of the Melbourne 2006 Commies. I can only find tiny bits of the broadcast & some stuff from in the audience. Can anyone help?
  11. Hello, I'm new here & wondering how I can get an avatar picture. Can anyone help?
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