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  1. Ok fair enough, access is obviously vital. Are there no other sites that are empty or usable where a bigger stadium could be put, or even just the same size for way less cost? I obviously don't know Brisbane at all, but it sounds like you haven't got a Stratford type site lying around...
  2. Wasn't the plan to move east across America through the tournament? I'm quite surprised they didn't build SoFi as capable of hosting football (soccer) - with MLS growing, strong in LA, and with it being built for Kroenke, who owns Arsenal too.
  3. Even from watching bits of the Ashes it does feel like the Gabba is a bit tired now, compared to all the other 4 main venues. Even from the other side of the world I don't doubt that Brisbane needs a new round stadium, just to keep up - especially if it has designs on being an equal with Sydney and Melbourne. My only question is about the value, like cost per seat - presumably caused by the very urban location. Is the 1982 Commonwealth stadium still up, could anything be done with that site?
  4. I still don't see why they haven't thought of Gothenburg, using Lillehammer's track - it's a different city, avoiding the often viscerally anti-Olympic Stockholm, second cities tend to be crying out for international attention, and it'd have the sliding a lot closer than Latvia. Is Gothenburg's connection with Are much worse than Stockholm's?
  5. I can't see Bach and co going straight from requiring a personal bowl of seasonal fruit at their bedside in a plush Oslo hotel to camping out in February in the middle of Sweden though, and I suspect that's what the evaluation commission aim their reports at
  6. But this is FIFA who I don't think ever go back on anything. To go back to 32 would mean admitting Gianni was wrong, and that's... unlikely unless there's some major changes to everything at FIFA...
  7. Amazing that it took this long to realise that even numbers > odd numbers. I give it two tournaments before they also realise powers of two > not powers of two, and we get a 64 team World Cup.
  8. Transformed cricket lol It's got no coverage here AFAIK, pretty surprised we've even got a team in there!
  9. This is moving very quickly, wonder how long they'll take to be locked in as host...
  10. Well I hope they can get over the line, I'd like to see anyone end the alternation at this point but there's something extra special about Canada 2030. I just hope everyone realises how freaking huge Alberta is, this'll make Victoria look compact.
  11. Does having a specific cauldron designer suggest they won't just stick it on the Eiffel Tower? I thought they'd follow the concept art of the opening ceremony with what looked like burning Olympic rings halfway up the Tower...
  12. Is it bad that I kinda like the idea of putting a tiny little screen in there, just for the A? Would be very California too...
  13. If you can have functioning beach volleyball on an old factory site in the middle of Birmingham, I wouldn't be too worried about whether you put your stadium on the beach or just next to it
  14. I wouldn't want to be facing Jimmy Anderson at full pelt while also being dazzled by the light of the Sun
  15. I'm getting a slight impression that Brisbane/Queensland is only now realising just what it's taken on...I'm sure it'll all come good, this is Australia hosting a sports event after all, but some of the talk seems a little chaotic from afar. The stuff that a bid process irons out before a decision is made.
  16. Lol the premier is trying to keep Hamilton down?! That'd be very very childish if true, especially if he's not prepared to try to take it on properly with a Toronto or even Ottawa bid & is just making excuses instead. I hope somewhere in Canada bids because if not, the CGF would probably see England as the only other appropriate place for the centennial, & if we must have yet more alternation I'd prefer it to be Wales' turn rather than England again.
  17. Hamilton shot their own goose when inexplicably deciding to farm several events out to Jamaica and Gibraltar (!) I don't mind the idea of co-hosting on principle but I'd expect broadly similar geographical area, like say a Caribbean bid. Now, if only there was a major world city with experience hosting multi sports events that could take over from Hamilton alone, maybe ideally one that's close to Hamilton so they could still host some stuff and be part of the centennial - I wonder if there is such a place...if only... ...FFS Toronto.
  18. Shame it's not official, someone at BOCOG should really look into whether it's possible to make it a viable design. As Brekkie says I can't imagine they'd have any problems utilising it with 65k instead of 50. ...also it's looking like having the best options come from completely unconnected people is something of a theme for 2032, between that B32 logo and this version of Gabba
  19. Oh, now that looks better, 65k is more like what you'd probably expect from an Olympic stadium in one of Australia's largest cities - is it feasible? Also is it in any way official as part of the feasibility studies or just the work of a (clearly very good) amateur designer?
  20. Been meaning to post this here for a few days now, because they've announced that the bull will have a permanent home... the concourse at New Street Station. Yes, really: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-64558596 It's a big space, but he's a big bull - could get interesting at rush hour. As for how they're going to get him in there...who knows
  21. Is this 2030 idea a proposal for Sweden as a country or Stockholm specifically? Only if the 2026 problems were very much a Stockholm city thing, maybe Sweden can use the fact that they'd be the ones deciding what the IOC can have (not the other way around) and they could go for Gothenburg instead. It's much nearer Norway too if they want to use that bobsleigh track.
  22. This came out of nowhere. I wonder if Sweden is looking to take the opportunity to set its own terms now it's the IOC that needs them? They could trim those demands to something even Norway would be happy with... and maybe save the Olympics as they go.
  23. Um... Milan is supposed to be like THE city of design, but they've really been the anti-Paris so far, not really taken with anything I've seen. The otter-weasel-stoat-squirrel things are cute though.
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