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  1. I still can't get my head around the idea of an Olympic opening ceremony in the stadium where Harmison bowled the worst ball in the history of cricket . The river does look really wide though, there's a risk it'd end up like the Diamond Jubilee thing on the Thames, where there was a parade on the river but it was really cloudy and nobody could see the other side! Is there still nobody thinking that Australia's third city could justify a stadium at least as big as Perth's? I get cost-cutting and making the games fit Brisbane but since the Gabba will basically be a new stadium anyway...
  2. That looks like a really good site - very close to the city centre too. I feel like especially after the Olympics it could've done with something like BMX or skateboarding in there just to add to it, maybe even climbing...although the whole concept of beach volleyball in Birmingham will never not be funny As an aside, does anyone know if there's gonna be any kind of official souvenir programme for the Games, like there was for Glasgow and for the London Olympics? I have looked around but now we're in games month I think it's time to ask. I know for the other two games it was available in Smith's all over the country but I am able to get to Brum fairly easily if it'd only be available in the Games megastore - thank you
  3. City identity is especially important if another city in your country happens to have accidentally ended up hosting its own Olympics 18 months after yours Shouldn't happen in theory now Salt Lake seems to be focused on 34, but you never know...
  4. If they seriously put Total Wipeout in the Olympics it might just be the greatest thing to ever happen in sport
  5. I'm not sure weightlifting will be generally hugely missed - haven't they had to reassign all the gold medals from London? Or is it just most of them? And possibly the most corrupt sporting organisation on the planet, against stiff competition. Good riddance to them and boxing.
  6. How likely is it that a tech giant (Amazon, Netflix, Apple) blow NBC out the water at the next American rights auction - and what, if any, effect would it have on the games if they do?
  7. Hmm that's interesting about NBC - but wouldn't they still make a mint from a home games in 2034? I don't know when their deal ends, but if they're losing that much money and ratings, is there a chance they might not enter the next US rights auction?
  8. Barcelona 2036 on the other hand... that would be close to a sure thing, now Tommy's favourite is out and Germany don't want it. Assuming they keep to Europe every 12 years anyway...if this isn't just about regional one-upmanship and the COE really do just want to bring the Olympics back to Spain, it's a no-brainer.
  9. Thanks @RooBlu, will check that out tomorrow. In news news, BBC coverage revealed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/mediapacks/birmingham-2022-commonwealth-games-on-the-bbc It's how you'd expect so it's not a surprise, but it's good to see there'll be a heavy focus on Birmingham and the Midlands in the surrounding programming - it's an underrated city and region that gets overlooked in the north/south slanging match. According to a post on the forum I got the link from, the opening ceremony will run from 7pm-10:30, so mostly in daylight. Hopefully they've taken inspiration from the handover flashmob (you know, the good bit) to show you can still have a spectacle even if it's not dark - could be quite refreshing.
  10. Is that a ludicrous idea? They've got enough indoor venues, and if Milan and Cortina can work together then a similar Tokyo-Nagano setup doesn't sound crazy. Especially when you throw bullet trains into the equation.
  11. Went to Birmingham last week before it got hot, a lot of the city dressing is up and you can see the temporary venues in Smithfield. The BBC/megastore thing is also coming on, although it really does make a mess of Centenary Square. Anyone know how to get your own pictures on here?
  12. I assume Rob is saying that Barcelona has done for this race what Budapest did for 2024 - remove the third candidate, so opening the way for a double award without making anyone miss out. Vancouver could re-complicate things if they're serious, but for some reason nobody seems to think they are (why?)
  13. July 4 is normally around quarter or even semi final time... although who knows, there's some good young Americans coming through.
  14. Isn't Seattle basically the capital of football (soccer then) in the US? That's certainly the perception I get from the pictures of full houses there, and how the Sounders are one of the MLS teams that are widely known. Unless the powers that be decide it's not a high profile enough city, I'd have thought it'd deserve a semi final.
  15. So is that the IOC saying: A) We think Sapporo is on for 2030, we just need to wait and get everything in order, then 34 is yours. Or b) Sapporo isn't happening, you're getting 2030 once we've settled how much we need to bribe LA so they're ok with it.
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