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    Qatar 2022

    I agree that Canada could stage a world cup, but I think they're focused more on a Totonto Olympics ATM. Oh, by the way, I didn't actually mention any countries in my post, I just said that FIFA should open a completely new bid process for 2022, with a new election system.
  2. Any news on what the opening ceremony will be like? I can't really see the Russians going all-out 3 times in 9 months, so I'm not expecting much.
  3. As far as the IOC are concerned, it has been 28 years since the last US games, & 48 years since the last Canadian games. (These figures are based on the 2024 games). If the hosts of the 2020s are anything other than Tokyo, Toronto, & Paris (in whatever order) I will be surprised.
  4. yoshi

    Qatar 2022

    This World Cup has GOT to be moved. US, Australia, China, it doesn't matter, just as long as it is safe. 2022 is still a LONG way off, so if I was in FIFA's position, I would open a new bid for 2022, with a new election system where the host would be decided by one FIFA member & one nominated professional footballer from each of the 210? member countries voting in IOC rules with absolutely NO bribery of ANY kind allowed. Although, it would be safer anyway as it's much harder to bribe 400odd people than 22.
  5. So do you think that we will now see the Australia 92/96/00 pattern used much more by other countries, so regional cities/beta cites first (Brisbane 92), then second cities/high beta/low alpha cities (Melbourne 96), & then finally national capital/alpha city to actually win the Games (Sydney 00). For example, in Canada, you could start with somewhere like Winnipeg, then move on to, say, Vancouver, before going for the win with Toronto. Also, do you think that we are close to running out of potential host cities?
  6. No matter what happens here, nothing will come close to the Scotguy/Manchester v Fatixxx/Bursa flame war of a while back. That was intense!
  7. Oh really? I honestly thought NO was one of the more Olympic-ready cities in the US, didn't expect that. Still, as I said in another thread, the next games in North America will either be in the Northeast US, or more likely in Toronto.
  8. yoshi

    Toronto 2015

    The Games will return to North America, but the IOC don't want to go to the US as they are scared of: a) Another Atlanta. More scandal allegations. c) Being seen to be US-biased, & d) Being forced to drop their in-venue advertising rules by USOC, NBC, & sponsors. Due to this, Toronto is arguably in one of the best positions of any potential bid city. They know that when it's North America's turn, they just need to not do anything stupid, do everything they need to do, & the Games are theirs. And I will be delighted if/when that happens, as Canada is one of my favourite countries, & it would be great to see a Canadian Summer Olympics.
  9. yoshi

    Toronto 2015

    I really, really hope this goes well, this could be a huge boost for TO's Olympic hopes. Are they wanting 2024? If Madrid win 2020 & this goes well, Toronto could be very hard to beat.
  10. *rings bell* Everyone, just cool down a bit & let BR, Rols, TNMP, & others have a sensible chat about laying the groundwork for this comp. I am new to the forum, but I have been lurking for a long time, & I know that it was this kind of personal bickering that ruined previous comps of this kind. I am sure no one, least of all BR/Rols, wants that to happen again. Peace:)
  11. BR, just out of interest, how far away is New Orleans? If NO wanted the games, could BR potentially host some of the events?
  12. yoshi

    The London Olympic Stadium

    This whole stadium use business has been, to put it nicely, a total **** up. Nobody seems to have any idea what's happening. This is where the Mayor should be showing strong leadership, & standing up for athletics & the legacy. Instead, we've got Boris, who seems just as bumbling & clueless as everyone else.
  13. Many of the "regulars" are unwilling to do this kind of comp, because some of them have got very over-competitive in the past. The main 2 were Rols, who now seems to mainly run the logo comps, & tnmp, who was last seen running an "inappropriate" hosts comp.
  14. yoshi

    Glitches during Olympic ceremonies

    I can't find it now, all I have to say is, thank goodness the London 2012 torch sequence went better. :phew:
  15. yoshi

    Glitches during Olympic ceremonies

    If we're taking others, can I be first to the Sheffield torch drop?
  16. Look at Wikipedia: Global cities page. On there, there's a list of cities ranked by Greek letter. If you aren't an alpha city or at the very least a high beta city on that list, you haven't got a chance of a SOG.
  17. Why has Birmingham (UK) never been raised as a possibility for the next British olympics? It's the second city, is regenerating fast, & has the NEC for all indoor sports already there. Surely Brum should at least be up with Manchester/Glasgow.
  18. Don't laugh, I'd back NZ over the current Aussie team in a 3 match series. Does anyone know when the next Chapple(sp?)/Hadlee is?
  19. I don't think that there'll be a 2nd round at all. With only 3 bids, it'll be much easier for a 1st round win than in a normal 5 bid race, just look at 2018. The city which is best at lobbying will win this, & with only 2 opponents, any city good at lobbying should be able to secure enough votes for a 1st round majority, as there is much less competition for this than there was in, say, 2012.
  20. I didn't know where to put this, but do you think, as I think, that the 2020 election is actually less about selecting a city for 2020 as it is about selecting a continent/region for 2024/28?
  21. yoshi

    Doha Or Dubai?

    Of course Istanbul should be first, but if they cannot win, I'm saying that other more forward looking Islamic countries should look to use the"new frontier" card.
  22. yoshi

    Doha Or Dubai?

    Middle East, Arabic world, absolutely yes. Of course those areas should at least get a chance to host, the Olympics is largely about new cultures. Doha/Dubai, absolutely no. Their heat is unbearable, their laws medieval. For the Middle East, Istanbul is the best chance. However, I think the best possible opportunity for an Islamic country to host would be in Morocco.
  23. Does anyone else here think that the umpiring/DRS this series is EXTREMELY suspicious? Imagine England were Pakistan, the investigations into potential fixing would have already started. Australia have had far too many decisions go against them for there to not be something going on. Any other theories?
  24. yoshi

    Technical Questions

    Mod, is there any way to skip straight to a particular page in a topic on the mobile site, as you can do on the desktop version? As far as I can see, you have to push next constantly to get to the last page in a topic.