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  1. Still think if Canada wants 26, they should choose Vancouver. I know it’s only a 16 year gap but Innsbruck was less & with the way the competition is looking, I suspect the IOC would bite their arm off. As the thread title says - Calgary feels risky at the moment.
  2. Plus the IOC might’ve leant on them to do this as a way to make the Winters viable again. Make it national & you can effectively decouple the indoor & outdoor ‘halves’ of the games, enabling more existing infrastructure to be used. With this there’s nothing stopping say, France staging mountain events round Albertville & indoor ones in Lyon or even Paris. (Talking of Albertville, wouldn’t their bobsleigh track be nearer Milan/Turin than Cortina? If they want to be really different).
  3. yoshi

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    Not really sure why Turin would need Milan involved, since they only had the full games themselves 20 years before. It’s like Vancouver saying they need Calgary. Quite apart from the fact that Milan is gonna host the IOC session where 2026 will be awarded (!).
  4. yoshi

    The Great North Run

    I must admit I’ve always thought that a bit silly. There must be some route that could keep the iconic Tyne Bridge shot & run the length of Grey Street at least.
  5. Of course the Euros concept could be a threat to the Olympics if the world federations decide to follow the Europeans & create a combined event of their own. The irony being that such a 'World Championships' would probably find it easier to attract bidders due to not having the IOC's arguably politically toxic brand...
  6. yoshi

    Tokyo 2020 News - General

    Not the people behind the handover?
  7. yoshi

    Qatar 2022

    Hehehe, thought they'd been quiet for a while. Might have to get one of them in the morning :p
  8. yoshi

    Calgary 2026

    This may seem silly but with a venue plan like that, would they be better served with a straight Vancouver bid? I know it's only 16 years but 2010 was a hugely successful games & since it'll probably only be up against Erzurum...the IOC have surely already learned that beggars can't be choosers.
  9. yoshi

    Tokyo 2020 News - General

    So that's why the 64 games were in October... Always seemed odd looking at the historic dates, but it makes sense if this is a common thing (if not this extreme)
  10. After 62 matches, we have finally almost arrived at the biggest match on the planet, the 21st World Cup final. Before that, today, we have England playing Belgium in a pretty meaningless game. Again. Saturday: England v Belgium (third place game) And then the decider, the favourites against the debutants - but after this tournament, anything is possible. Preceded by a closing ceremony involving... Will Smith, among others. Sunday: France v Croatia (FINAL) Who do you think will win?
  11. We are almost at the end of Russia 2018, but before the 21st World Cup Final, we must decide who'll be in it, via 2 completely obvious, predictable semi-finals: Tuesday: France v Belgium Wednesday: England v Croatia (yes, really) The winners, of course, will contest the 2018 World Cup Final in Moscow on 15 July - the losers also stay in Russia for the 3rd place game on Saturday. Good luck to all supporters of the final 4.
  12. yoshi

    2018 FIFA World Cup Semi Finals

    Oh well, guess it's not coming home :p They've made a great base for the next Euro & the Q*t*r cycle though. Croatia outplayed us in the second half & ET, & I love that a country half the size of London has reached the World Cup final. I know France are favourite but I wouldn't write Croatia off, they do not know when they're beaten.
  13. yoshi

    2018 FIFA World Cup Semi Finals

    France sneak through on paper - worrying bit for England & Croatia is that it would've been a rout if Giroud knew what a goal was.
  14. We have the last 8 teams in this gloriously odd World Cup, but of course only 4 can go a little closer to the trophy. Here are the matches: Friday: France v Uruguay, Brazil v Belgium .Saturday: Sweden v England, Russia v Croatia Again, the winners of each day's matches will meet each other in the semi-finals. Yes, this is a tournament of two halves.
  15. Not gonna say it's coming home yet. But England v Croatia for a World Cup Final place, what a tournament
  16. Welp so much for my sweepstake teams Kinda pleased to see cheating Neymar gone though - Brazil would be better without him, & with Coutinho in charge.
  17. Choose your preferred name :p Yes, it gets really serious now! Only 16 matches left of Russia 2018, & they are all winner-takes-all. Here are the 8 games in round two: Saturday: France v Argentina, Uruguay v Portugal. Sunday: Spain v Russia, Croatia v Denmark. Monday: Brazil v Mexico, Belgium v Japan. Tuesday: Sweden v Switzerland, Colombia v England. A selection of tasty fixtures there...the winners of each day's matches will meet each other in the quarter-finals.
  18. I thought this World Cup was crazy enough anyway... Now England have won a penalty shoot-out - we're in the twilight zone
  19. Yes I know it already started. Repeat after me: VAR will reduce controversy...
  20. I thought the same - till Mbappe (& France more widely) turned up. His/their speed against Uruguay's defence will be an epic quarter final.
  21. Germany...this can't be a real World Cup
  22. Maybe a better way of doing it than daily threads. Today we have Portugal v Morocco, Uruguay v Saudi Arabia, & Spain v Iran.
  23. After England's escape, it's time for the second phase of the group stage - after the last 4 teams to play make their debut.
  24. Daily threads are the way to avoid World Cup discussion becoming a mess, plus a desperate attempt to try & keep this board going. I'm sure we had them in Brazil. Anyway...England's turn to see if any slight hope is justified plus Panama arrive at the World Cup, that looks pretty open now.
  25. Brazil & Germany on the same day. Thankfully for those of us with Brazil in the sweep, not in the same stadium :p Also a game that isn't as hyped & will probably be the best of the day. More fun in Russia!