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    Calgary 2026

    No, especially if the IOC continue on the path of multi-centre, national-scale (even multinational) Olympics. It might even get to the point where Olympic sliding events are almost rotated around the existing tracks, held in whichever one happens to be closest. I’d certainly be surprised if any completely new tracks are built for many years once China complete theirs.
  2. Ah, shame there’s no actual pictures of it in there. I’d imagine it’d be unveiled on July 27 then, if they’ve got trademark etc sorted.
  3. I wonder if they’ll replace the logo or keep the splodged one they’ve currently got?
  4. So we really are seeing the end of the Olympic bidding process. Probably for the best in terms of the long-term health of the Movement, when you see the legacies of over-promising around the world. And if Coates is right (obviously there’s the caveat that he is Australian) there’s one thing for sure - Australia will be great hosts, they always are. I imagine this’ll mean Salt Lake 2030 will be confirmed at the same session if they get official quickly enough.
  5. The big problem with that call is assuming the IOC will a) think long-term at all & b) be willing to take that risk of public opinion/binational hosting with Sweden. I hope I’m wrong, as I want to see Stockholm win, but I think Milan will win easily, by 20-25 votes.
  6. yoshi

    London 2036

    Perhaps now the IOC are openly talking about regional bids, the next UK attempt should be another go for Northern England? This time they could involve Liverpool & even Leeds much more instead of just Manchester if they’re going for that regional angle. Only thing to remember is that we’ve had our turn for a while, so I’d have thought 2048 at the earliest - although if the lack of viable candidates that actually want the games continues, maybe we could sneak in earlier. Given 2012, & especially if it’s not perceived as money all going to ‘that London’ again, I can’t see us struggling for public support.
  7. yoshi

    2023 European Games

    Oh, that’s a big surprise. Never even knew anyone was bidding for this. Good for Krakow, great city & the first host to not (yet, officially) be an out & out autocracy, but 1) do they have the venues & 2) how are they gonna get this past the public, as they rejected even bidding for the Winter Olympics? Especially as if the answer to 1) is no, they’ll need quite a budget. Also the games seem to be slowly going west - maybe our Danish member will get his wish in 2027? :p
  8. yoshi

    Ceremonies on UTube, Part 3

    Yes, the rot started when Pepsi started sponsoring the ceremony (!) Particular lowlight when Cardiff (which doesn’t get many chances to put on ceremonies & show off to the world, at least Spain could host other things) had to stage a meh mini-concert of the Black Eyed Peas with a clutch of dancers jumping around randomly. Such a shame when you see how impressive CL ceremonies were getting, especially in Lisbon & Berlin
  9. SLC will be the American host for the Winter Olympics, just like LA is for the summer ones. The only possible way anywhere else might ever do it is if the regional bids & hosts of future years inspire them to join Lake Placid & New York or Boston as an Italian-style dual hosting.
  10. Oh sorry, I need to get myself some new eyes A genuinely radical step for once - shame it had to be forced on them but if they act on this, it’s a big step towards a manageable Olympics. Especially the Winter games.
  11. Sounds a lot like an invitation to both SE Queensland & the Rhein-Ruhr. No mention of multiple country involvement though, so does this maybe suggest Milan is now the IOC’s favourite?
  12. yoshi

    Brisbane 2032

    I think this is seismic. It might not look like more than an IOC President saying ‘please bid’ but given the current (yet another) review into the bidding process, the link to Coates, the opportunity for a reboot created by the very long gap between Summer bid processes, & in particular the constant comments from Bach about producing ‘too many losers’ with the current process, I suspect that we are seeing the start of the IOC adopting the IAAF’s model of hand-picking host cities without a bid process or election. They seem to have locked their sights on Queensland since the Commonwealth Games, & with the two candidates for 2026 & Salt Lake looking ready for 2030, the Winter Games are out of mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if these introductory talks turn into very serious negotiations & plan-making soon.
  13. Ah, so it’s presumably there to point towards the south, that makes sense.
  14. I don’t know about unfinished but it certainly looks very very odd. I wonder why that area is there - could it be used for anything special in the ceremonies? Could the cauldron go on top of it?
  15. They are gonna look so silly if that place is fitted out & ready to open by September 20
  16. Sensible I guess - good to see Canada finally host again Hopefully 2030 will be the end of the rotation between us & Australia, & other countries will be able to go for it. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next two after that still end up being the UK (Cardiff?) & Perth.
  17. yoshi

    England 2030

    It’s a great looking ground, fair play. Better than ours (but then, you are 10 years after, spent nearly £1b on it, & needed to build it to NFL levels, so it should be). Particularly love that south end, the uniform unbroken tiers are the big problem with Emirates (& Wembley) when it comes to getting some noise up. Congrats on that amazing game last night too - North London Derby for the Super Cup?
  18. yoshi

    England 2030

    I think that’s what we’re planning? Going in with Scotland, Wales & NI (& possibly ROI as well). I agree that seems like a better idea than all English, especially as the tournament is being expanded.
  19. yoshi

    Stockholm/Åre 2026

    Strange how the IOC has gone from a vote they couldn’t pick right whatever they did, to a vote they can’t get wrong whatever they do. I bet they wish Milan had found all this support 4 years earlier.
  20. Although it hasn't got a right lot of attention on here, the European Championships have been taking place in Glasgow & Berlin (they ended yesterday), & it seems that despite some apprehension about the new combined event, it has been a successful start. Now, I've only dipped in & out of the coverage of the event but it's seemed to have been well-received by the athletes themselves, & from what I saw, to have attracted good crowds in both Glasgow & Berlin, as well as the better, wider coverage that comes from using the main EBU broadcasters. But the main thing that struck me is how, despite being held in two cities/nations hundreds of miles apart, the Championships still felt like a seamless - & crucially, single & unified - event. So, bearing in mind the well-documented problems that the IOC are having attracting bidders for the Olympics, is the solution to the problem of manageability, both summer & winter, to split them in half, European-style? (Hamburg - who aborted their own Olympic bid - seem keen on the Euros, so it's doing something right) Obviously the cities would need to be relatively close for timezones etc but if a bi-national multi-sport event can work on principle, how big a leap is it to Olympics in, say, Toronto AND Boston or winters in the Swiss Alps and Munich or Milan? Both sharing and spreading the load - is this an avenue worth investigating for the IOC?
  21. The binational aspect of Stockholm is being overlooked in coverage of this. I think it’s the most important aspect of the bid - if it works, it’s a total game-changer for countries without bobsled tracks, high ski runs etc.
  22. Better than Baku & Minsk Seriously though, hopefully these Games (that’s what they are) continue to thrive & find themselves - it’s a very worthy experiment, both in having a Games of Europe & as a blank canvas to try new things. I hope we get some of the mid-sized cities/countries going for it too (Lisbon, Dublin, Prague etc). I understand why they’re starting with ex-Olympic cities (they’re right) but unless the Olympics gets small enough for them, this is the top multi-sport event they can have.
  23. Ooh. Must say, I’m pleasantly surprised - especially if it’s passed without much criticism in Sweden. We very definitely have a race on now
  24. Over the last two days, we have gone into full Armando Ianucci mode. 3 main things have occurred: 1 - The House of Commons had a vote on whether or not to have a vote...& it was a draw. Apparently the first proper tie since 1980. 2 - Parliament is in the process of passing a bill to make no-deal illegal...despite it not really being our decision at this point because any country could veto the A50 extension at the EU summit on Wednesday. And 3...even the Palace of Westminster itself is getting fed up with the whole thing & sprung a leak in the Commons, forcing the adjournment of proceedings for the day, which in practice means until Monday: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/apr/04/house-of-commons-suspended-water-pours-through-ceiling Another normal few hours in Westminster
  25. I think Stockholm will quietly withdraw between now & the 12th. It could work out that they get to avoid losing the 2026 vote, watch Milan & whoever gets 2030 hopefully bring the Winter Olympics back to a sensible budget (especially if Milan really can pull it off 1984-style) & then come back with real support for 2034. Olympic bidding is largely about picking your battles & I do fear for Stockholm’s result & reaction if they go up with no guarantees against a fully-backed Milan.