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  1. 10 Septemebr 2011, Rome celebrates Abele Bikila with a special night marathon.
  2. I was reading news about the Pope visit in Madrid of these days and they tell about those indignados protesting the costs to set up the event. Makes you wonder how they're going react to the approaching multi-billionaire bid.
  3. This just reminds me when in 1966 the city of Florence, right after the devastating flood, tried to convince CONI to go for the 1976 Games as a boost for recovery. The proposal gained sentimental support initially but soon had to deal with reality and drop out. I don't know about bidding for the Olympics as a post-tragedy impulse. May seems desparate and not very appropriate.
  4. Let's bring some competition to the continent.
  5. So, if I read it right, the reinvented classic won because more variegated (so fulfilling) compared to the contemporary novel.
  6. Private high-speed rail for Italy By Robert Wright in London and Guy Dinmore in Rome Europe's first privately owned high-speed train operator will launch services in September next year in a "historic event" for Italy's rail system, the company's chairman has announced. Italy's NTV <http://www.ntvspa.it/en> will launch its services between Rome and Milan before gradually introducing services on all its routes, which stretch from Salerno in southern Italy to Venice and Turin in the north, by the summer of 2012. NTV will also be the first operator of Alstom's new AGV train, the Fr
  7. ^^ No idea. Apparently Toroc didn't care much about selling this stuff. You can try asking it to the owner of that video from YT.
  8. I found this on YT. Torino 2006 Medal Victory ceremony theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFSFBJ0wVJo
  9. It's still there, of course. Where else do you think it could be.
  10. Yeah, questionable point.. like that of the Alps being an obstacle to connections. Seriously UEFA?
  11. Since nobody seems to really care about this bid in Italy, except for those blind deluded of Figc, it's going to be France or Turkey. Not too bad, really.
  12. I see your points and I partially agree but.. 1 One thing is a mere copy, another is to take an idea and make it grander.. You yourself said Torino made it grander.. so improved it with changes (to say one, the spiral here embrassed all the stage and increasingly reached the cauldron). So we can discourse about the lack of ispiration or the lazyness of producers but objectively this is not a “copy” and least of all a rip-off and it’s the same director and the same family. 2. I agree that Birch(/Balich) and co. has becoming repetitive in these things but, personally, there are other things w
  13. Well ok Torino's lighting may have taken inspiration from previous but is that a big deal? They're both OLYMPIC ceremonies afterall.. they obviously share ideas and moves.. rip-off? really? It is really so necessary to make it extravagant and complicated (and eventually turning out be mulfunctioning) everytime? and even if you're arguing Torino copied Athens.. it's not bad at all considering that Athens delivered beautiful ceremonies. Anyway, I would point out one real good part about Torino's lighting: the ultimate spark. Very cool. Take a look.
  14. ^^ In that case, it would rather be Coglioni.
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