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  1. A quick flood hit Rome today. The waters turned Circus Maximus into a giant pool.. now they may have a new option for canoening.
  2. Thanks, Rob. Glad to hear appreciations for the new stadium from a former Notts student.
  3. Venice, Italy to host America’s Cup Word Series in May 2012 and April 2013 So, Venice gets this and Milan got the Expo. The northern lobby has been well appeased now and Rome can ensure full support from inside.
  4. 10 Septemebr 2011, Rome celebrates Abele Bikila with a special night marathon.
  5. 10 Septemebr 2011, Rome celebrates Abele Bikila with a special night marathon.
  6. I was reading news about the Pope visit in Madrid of these days and they tell about those indignados protesting the costs to set up the event. Makes you wonder how they're going react to the approaching multi-billionaire bid.
  7. As you can see the Tiber simply boards that zone. It's pretty natural that it's going to be part of it.
  8. Only the northern zone bordering the Tiber Park can be fairly considered as walking distance. The rest is all spread out through the suburbs.
  9. London calling Italian athletes to wear Armani at London 2012 July 18 - The Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) has announced that native fashion designer Giorgio Armani will outfit the Azzurri for the Games next year in London. Armani has a strong presence in the world of sport, having designed the Italian flag bearers' outfits at the opening ceremony for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, as well as designing suits for the players of London club Chelsea since 2007 and twice for the English national football team. He is renowned for hiring the likes of David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and
  10. Apparently they take it off. I assume because it's old fashioned and also that area does not conmplate indoor sports. Btw, this is the Palazzetto dello sport designed by Nervi for the 1960 Olympics. and this is the Palasport EUR (also named Palalottomatica) in the EUR district. This is included in the 2020 plan, though. I pointed this out because many mix them up as they had very similar names.
  11. ^^ Yes, it is. Could the Olympics help drive the city into a post-motor era. Certainly the river park brings good points at this regard. Anyway, it seems that tv/movie producers can't stay away from Rome nowadays. Many series/movies set there lately. @Citius You mean the Palazzetto dello sport designed by Luigi Nervi?
  12. Talking about T.V. city sport.. www.repubblica.it
  13. Yeah it may look far distant from the City (like 25 km from the OV), but consider that the new Tor Vergata complex is also for Volley and Basket, not just Gymnastics and it is close to the motorway A1, the Rome ring road, the Ciampino airport and the new metro line C undercostruction. Besides, its new shiny look would compensate pretty well for the distance.
  14. Some briefs from yesterday's municipality assembly: - The board expects an overall investment of about 12/13 billions € (of which 4 bi. public) and estimates a revenue of 24 bi. - The economic and financial compatibility committe will prove, especially to skeptical North League party, that the overall investment will benefit the entire country. - The assembly approved plans to refurbish the Foro Italico - Rogge: Rome is strong, Tokyo, don't give up. Here the source: http://www.repubblica.it/sport/vari/2011/07/14/news/roma_candidata_olimpiadi_2020-19125520/
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