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  1. More news: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-2414293/Olympics-2020-decision-Madrid-Tokyo-Istanbul--host-games.html Influential IOC members have told Sportsmail that Istanbul is losing considerable last-minute momentum and that the decision will come down to a narrow fight between the Japanese and Spanish candidates. It is the first time for many years that the outcome of host city-bidding will be undecided right up to the 11th hour. ‘We want a city that won’t cause us any problems,’ said one senior IOC member. ‘Rio (hosting the 2016 Olympics) is very difficult and Sochi (
  2. Read the latest news: http://www.channel4.com/news/olympics-2020-istanbul-madrid-and-tokyo-await-their-fate Tokyo is the favourite to win the games, followed by Madrid, with Istanbul the outsider, but as previous bidding processes have proved, this can count for little. In 2005, Paris was the bookmakers' favourite, the day before the vote, followed by London and Madrid with New York and Moscow outsiders. "There's been more occasions when second favourites have come in... It will be a handful of votes that determine it." That bodes well for Madrid, who like London in 2005 has seen its odds
  3. Be polite niño, que tu madre no te dio ninguna educación. You offended first
  4. Yes, I am stupid and I think your mother as well but you are an ignorant. You know nothing about radioactivity. WATER RADIOACTIVITY...7 years??? hahaha it is not enough. Tokyo legacy would be poor. Not such as Madrid or Istanbul legacies.
  5. If Madrid falls, I wish Istanbul wins. An american city in 2024, Tokyo or Durban in 2028 and MADRID 2032!!! And everybody happy hahahaha. Paris could bid for the 2020 Games and it didn't. For that reason... other cities can change the paris' dream.
  6. Favourites never win. As Paris 2012, Chicago 2016... Maybe Tokyo 2020 falls. In fact, I believe that if Madrid doesn't win, Istanbul hosts the Games, not Tokyo. Maybe Paris doesn't get the 2024 Games as everybody say.
  7. Madrid the worse. Sir Rols, don't worry, Istanbul will host the 2020 Games and you will be happier than never. Madrid will try it later. We don't care. A Madrid 2032 bid is fine for you? Or neither.
  8. And what does a Tokyo hosting really add to the Olympic Movement??? Radioactivity, so it is worse than (NADA) nothing. I prefer Istanbul bid. "Madrileños with Istanbul 2020"
  9. Remember the topic guys... MADRID 2020 has momentum??? I think so.
  10. I love Istanbul as a beautiful city. I was there and they need the OG. But not now that they are bidding against my city haha. If Madrid falls in the first round I will support Istanbul as well. Get away, Tokyo!
  11. And Madrid-Barajas Airport has British Airways, the airline which flies to more countries in the world. For that reasons, British Airways support Madrid 2020 with promotional videos in the international flights. El Mundo newspaper has to shut up.
  12. Istanbul has a problem... ERDOGAN Tokyo: FUKUSHIMA Madrid: EL MUNDO newspaper This is the race with more problems than never hahaha Madrid can be the door to African countries due to its budget, according an IOC member said.
  13. Because Spain is crazy for sports, not as the same way as Japan or Turkey. Barcelona needed those Games. For that reason Barcelona is now as it is.
  14. Read this article. It shows that Madrid could be favourite for IOC. http://en.mercopress.com/2013/09/05/brazil-s-protests-will-affect-ioc-future-decisions-madrid-favourite-for-2020
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