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  1. blah, blah, blah yes, we know, the US has never lost a bid can't wait for the 2028 bid cycle!
  2. Umm...nope. We'll be bidding well into the 2030's before Quebec becomes an option again...the COC would never allow it before Toronto.
  3. Oh, I think it's already begun in another thread
  4. 2026 is Henderson's stupidity, the man can't be taken seriously. 2026 World Cup is another thing altogether, but for the purposes of this discussion the focus should now be on 2028.
  5. Finally! Some long-term strategic %&$i$#* thinking and planning!
  6. Weren't you the guy who kept telling me that Paris was the overwhelming favourite for 2024? If so, a natural choice now that Toronto isn't even bidding.
  7. Toronto NOT bidding for 2024: http://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2015/09/14/torontos-olympic-bid-decision-waits-until-the-last-minute.html Guess we'll come back here in the run up to 2028! Allez Paris 2024!
  8. To be fair Dave, you did say that there would be an announcement today and it would relate to the bid. The fact that the Premier is involved and it's still not a 'no' is still progress. Good to see they're actively working to get the business case developed.
  9. Yeah, it's either Toronto or bust from now on. No other never-hosted city in Canada is important enough to undermine Toronto's future chances at securing a Games. If they try to pull another Vancouver the COC will get skinned alive.
  10. I haven't heard of anyone over here who is remotely familiar with the bid process that believes LA has a better chance than Toronto. My understanding is Paris is the major challenge to winning a 2024 bid. 2028 seems more winnable if South Africa is out of the picture. Regardless, I still think we should bid for both.
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