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  1. as though pennywise has been creeping about. what happened to this place.... the Olympics are still around... so where are the people?
  2. Europe shall not let you leave, you will remain until you are told you can go. Okay! Its that simple. Until Europeans wake up and smell the gasoline (Macron sure is), the commision and Donald Tusk shall continue to play Praetor.
  3. London 2012 took the Paralympics to the next level, and it appears Rio is ready to tare it all down. Considering the lack of funding and seemingly total lack of support from the local population, the Paralympics looks like being a nonevent. Extremely sad. My lasting memory will be from the Pole Vault Medal Ceremony - such a delightful affair. Thanks Rio. But like South Africa 2010, these games came too soon.
  4. TV's all over the world are being turned off, or switched to something... anything.... other than this utter. Our commentator just said "we need to move this on".
  5. I mean, the weather doesn't help! But the is ridiculous - this segment of folk waving flags would drive anyone to drink! Let's pass this onto Tokyo, quickly.
  6. what is this I'm watching! And not even the Closing Ceremony can muster enough Brazilians to attend to sell out. Empty seats to the very end! Good grief, Rio.
  7. better crowds today in the Estadio Olimpico - guess i should rant more often, Rob. Ill get those lazy Brazilians to the races.
  8. The empty stadiums, other than at events where Brazil has chances is quite awful - visually for the hosts. The athletics stadium yesterday morning, evening and seemingly today are nothing short of embarrassing. Rio folk, these are YOUR GAMES. Its not all about winning. Get out and support the athletes, or your games will be forever remembered as the empty games. Terrible stuff.
  9. No wonder I do not post on these boards any more in great number. You cannot reason with Olympic fanatics. Even if WW3 broke out in Latin America this summer, we'd still hear calls of "that's life". Big world out there folks. Bigger than even the Olympic Games. Back into your bubbles, though.
  10. This is currently the top news story in the UK, USA (CNN), Canada and other terrorities. It is major news because everyone knows the Zika virus is serious and could have wide reaching ramifications to Rio'16. Even if WHO do not react to this open letter, when you have disputes and open disagreements on public health and wellbeing, this can cause enough people to worry and consider if they are making the right decision in going to Brazil. There is a lot more water that needs to go under the bridge, but don't expect this to go away anytime soon. This is serious and the IOC must take notice.
  11. Good grief. This is not necessarily about the health of the individual.... but more to any future child you want/expect to have..... Its okay for you to be so blasé. Look at Rory MciLroys recent statement. McIlroy said that there is going to be "a point in the next couple of years" where he and fiancee Erica Stoll may think about starting a family."Right now, I'm ready to go but I don't want anything to affect that," he said. ---- ​When 150+ experts come out, 2 days later, and says 'postpone' , do you seriously expect the athletes to not take notice?!
  12. I doubt that. The athletes will dictate this events future. If you see mass withdrawals, you can consider this event toast. 2 months out, the IOC need to show the athletes they will be safe and secure in Rio. Otherwise, you're playing Russian roulette with peoples futures. Taking a cold hard look at the situation, maybe this is not such a bad thing? Given the current political environment and the concerns over preparations, maybe some more time would be of assistance to Rio. Having said that, a delay to an Olympics is a massive headache the IOC can ill afford.
  13. hehe, lol, haha. Yeah, this topic is just hilarious. You have some growing up to do, kid.
  14. Prof. Akira Akabayashi, Department of Biomedical Ethics, School of Public Health, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan Prof. Amir Attaran, School of Epidemiology, Public Health and Community Medicine and Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, Canada Prof. Robert Baker, Bioethics Program of Clarkson University & The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Schenectady, USA Dr. Alison Bateman-House, Division of Medical Ethics, Population Health,New York University School of Medicine, New York, USA. ; Prof. Wendy L. Wobeser, Division of Infectious Diseases, Queen’s U
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