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  1. Being a danish Olympics-fan, it's not the first time I've heard talks about the Olympics in Denmark. The idea was first (in my time) started back in 2004, but died within a year, and was also pretty much a laughing stock. This idea is pretty much the same. Only very few danes actually believe in the idea and even the organizations working with getting sports events to Denmark doesn't seem to do much to get it.
  2. 5. Rene Poulsen (kayak) and Casper Stenderup (triathlon) as well
  3. I wonder. What does Coca Cola think about that?
  4. The first results talk about more or less a dead race. NRK talk about 49 % against and 48 % for. That's more than enough for them to move on with the work!
  5. The budget for the ceremonies at the London games (opening and closing) were about 81 million pounds (a little more than USD 126.5 million). According to Wikipedia, £ 27m was for the opening. Beijing had about £ 65m
  6. Do like it was suggested in the report made when Denmark thought about bidding... Use it in an adventure park!
  7. Seems like the wrong place...
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