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  1. Neither of those venues really seems suitable for Olympic basketball, which is a marquee event at a US Olympics. I won't be surprised if they try to use another city for the prelims, soccer-style.
  2. The Bobsled and Luge federations released a brief and not particularly illuminating joint statement: http://www.fibt.com/news/latest-news/news-article/news/5488.html?backUrl=home.html Gotta figure it would be incredibly disappointing for the athletes if the sliding events were held elsewhere. Nagano would at least preserve a bit of the special event feel, since it's almost never used for World Cup events.
  3. DC 2024 named their board of directors, with a number of local heavy hitters: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/group-seeking-to-bring-2024-olympics-to-washington-names-executive-board/2014/09/04/1bc20f30-3450-11e4-9e92-0899b306bbea_story.html?tid=pm_sports_pop
  4. Following on the sliding track discussion--Whistler isn't getting any world cup events next year. It's the second year in a row that bob/skeleton has skipped them: http://www.piquenewsmagazine.com/whistler/no-world-cups-coming-to-whistler-sliding-centre-this-winter/Content?oid=2553754
  5. 571,522 in a group of counties with a combined land area substantially larger than New Jersey, which manages to fit in 15x the population. This is a very sparsely populated area. And the most populous "neighboring" county is separated by a major natural barrier. Plattsburgh and Adirondack are tiny tiny airports with barely any passenger service.
  6. http://www.tulsaworld.com/article.aspx/Officials_Tulsa_not_actively_seeking_2024_Olympics/20130702_11_0_ATulsa321986?subj=1
  7. I hate to be nitpicky in a thread where reality is optional, but the full name of the future press center of the 2026 winter games is Lake Placid Middle/High School. Yes, it's such a small town that the middle school and high school are in the same building. Graduating class of 61 this year.
  8. Tulsa Sports Commission calls a press conference to remind people that this is all the work of a crackpot and they have no involvement: http://www.tulsaworld.com/article.aspx/Tulsa_Sports_Commission_steers_away_from_Olympics_bid/20130701_11_0_Asthec215573?subj=298
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