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  1. I find the full opening ceremony here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35cEi6PU7dk Well done Indonesia! Great Asian Games! So proud of you!
  2. The heat of 2022 Winter Olympics grows a lot in Beijing during the Pyeongchang games. People in Beijing are now ready to welcome the world 4 years later!
  3. In China the major concern is that the opening will be scheduled on the fourth day of Chinese New Year in 2022. Many shops and restaurants will be closed during the week-long Chinese New Year holiday.
  4. https://beijing2022.world.tmall.com The official Beijing 2022 online shop.
  5. Interview of the emblem designer Prof Lin Cunzhen (in Chinese): http://tv.cctv.com/2017/12/18/VIDEhpC7RGVK9dYTIXye0B9k171218.shtml http://www.cncnews.cn/new/detail/95222.jhtml The first version of the design. Prof Lin and her drafts.
  6. Hangzhou will build 7 new metro lines simultaneously ahead of the 2022 Asian Games.
  7. Online forums in China said Shenyang has submitted the bid of 2021 Asian Winter Games. However it is quite low-key that I cannot find any news report on it. According to the forum discussion, it seems that Shenyang faces the problem of inadequate infrastructure. Therefore it is not clear whether Shenyang will be the sole candidate. There are also discussions that the 2021 Asian Winter Games will be awarded to Beijing as a testing event of the 2022 Winter Olympic, yet other said 2021 maybe too rush for Beijing to get all things ready. Anyway, it seems that Shenyang is likely to be a
  8. This one (the Olympic one) seems to be very familiar to me. I wonder a very similar design has been used in an international sport games, or a national games.
  9. The first photo is Guilin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The rest are Hangzhou.
  10. Originally the OCA has planned to switch the 2018 to 2019 and afterward, so it should be 2019 and 2023. However after Hanoi withdrawn the 2019 host, OCA got a problem in finding the new host and finally Jakarta took the host. But as Indonesia will have the presidental election in 2019, so the "trade-off" was that Jakarta will host it in 2018 instead of 2019. The poiny is, according to the decision of OCA, even if Jakarta will host it in 2018, the next games should still be 2023. However now Hangzhou is bidding for 2022 instead of 2023. It's really a question whether OCA will still enforce the
  11. Well, 2015 is 7 years before 2022, so it is time to decide the host of 2022 Asian Games now. And why not 2023..... Hmmmm good question and it's also my question. Have to ask OCA.
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