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  1. Olympic cauldron design to use the sun as motif KYODO NEWS - Jul 24, 2019 - 12:03 Organizers are planning to design the Olympic cauldron for next year's Tokyo Games as a sphere using the sun as a motif, sources close to them said Wednesday. Proposals have also been made to use hydrogen as fuel to keep the fire in the cauldron burning, to promote Japan's next-generation energy initiatives to the world, they said. Current plans are to have the spherical cauldron, which will be lit at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Par
  2. Ok. Now it's confirmed that it's the actual logo. I red it's based on the current venues and a future vision of the city of Santiago. https://www.latercera.com/el-deportivo/noticia/santiago-2023-presenta-su-colorido-logo/743228/ (in Spanish)
  3. Santiago2023.org is currently active and its showing a particular logo http://www.santiago2023.org/
  4. This makes me so happy. Finally the Panams at home!
  5. And Santiago, CHI. Chilean NOC President, Neven Ilic, declared that Santiago MUST bid again. But I think it all will be decided after the presidential election (next year). When is the deadline to register the bid?
  6. Does anybody cries when the cauldron was extinguished? 'Cause I did and I don't have any problems recognizing it. I think it was one of the most memorable moments of the ceremony. Perfect song, perfect singer, the rain. Just beautiful
  7. Hi there guys. Just came back last night from Rio. Such an incredible experiencie. And for this topic, despite it was insanely crowded, seeing the cauldron and the olympic flame in front of me was such a memorable moment. For me, a simply guy who love sports, this meant so much. It was not a ginormous cauldron, but it was beautiful and inspiring. (and of course I have my picture with the cauldron behind hehehe)
  8. I finally got it! Indeed, I got the one with the Paralympic logo first in front of Copacabana Megastore from a collector from Spain, and few days later in the same place, another spanish collector had the one with the Rio Olympics logo. It was hard to find! Thanks for your help
  9. Ok guys. Finally at the apartment. Watching the ceremony at the live site on Olympic Boulevard was an extraordinary experience. About the ceremony itself, well, nice start, messy with the guys at the "favelas", but what a way to end! Everyone was dancing at the Fan Site when the samba started. It was a simple but beautiful ceremony, very meaningful. Loved the green rings and, I confess, I got emotional with the cauldron lit. A simple but beautiful cauldron. I'm planning to visit the one at Candelaria in the next days.
  10. I'm at this moment at Olympic Boulevard and it's amaaaaazing. Full of people, great music. Such a great way to wait for the OC
  11. I just got my tickets from Cartan. Very fast (10 minutes waiting) and the people there was very nice.
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