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  1. It appears that the rain may be coming to an end, but Whistler forecasts seem on the warm side (highs 5-8 deg C), with a chance of Rain/snow on Tuesday.

    How likely will it be that alpine events continue to be canceled/postponed? I have procrastinated about buying OBN tickets (maybe that is good) - and I'm hesitant to buy them at this late stage.

    If the weather is clear but warm, can they still have the races?

  2. There's some good tickets, but have they jacked up prices again? I don't see how they arrive at $235 for Cat. A hockey tickets. Also, there appears to be a tier of hockey tickets between A and B in the corners of the lower level.

    No Gold Medal hockey, no Team Canada games.

    The seating charts for some venues look different to me, too. Appears they have added some sections to the Richmond Oval.

  3. I have the following single tickets for sale. The only catch: for each ticket you would like from List A, you must also buy a ticket from List B.

    All prices are in US dollars, and reflect the face value price from CoSport. I have the tickets in hand and can mail upon receipt of payment. All tickets are on commemorative stock.

    List A

    LG004 - 2/16 Women's Luge Singles Run 3 & 4 (Final) - Category B ($54)

    AS006 - 2/20 Ladies' Super-G - Category B ($114)

    FR003 - 2/20 Ladies' Aerials Qualification - Category B ($67)

    AS007 - 2/21 Men's Giant Slalom Qualification and Final - Category B ($114)

    List B

    IH014 - 2/17 Ice Hockey - Men's Preliminary Round (Sweden v. Germany) - Category B ($108)

    IH015 - 2/17 Ice Hockey - Women's Preliminary Round (Slovakia v. Switzerland) - Category A ($101)

    CU008 - 2/18 Curling - Women's Qualification (CAN v. GER / CHN v. JAP / RUS v. GBR / DEN v. USA) - Category A ($88)

    IH023 - 2/19 Ice Hockey - Men's Preliminary Round (Czech Republic v. Latvia) - Category A ($188)

  4. CoSport must have come up with an additional allocation of tickets. I got a whole bunch of tickets including figure skating, alpine, short track, skeleton, long track, nordc combined, and biathlon.

    Thanks for the tip.

    I wish I knew more about what the process will be like for reselling tickets. I'm apprehensive about having tickets for events that I can't use. Especially some of the lower-demand events.

    I'm also afraid of biting off more than I can chew. It is tempting to plan multiple trips to Whistler but don't want to spend half of the Olympics on a bus winding through the mountains.

    Incidentally, Baltimore representing here.

  5. I spoke to someone at CoSport yesterday and they were able to give me an order number for my orders which did not appear to go through.

    It sounds much more promising. They said I may get confirmation sometime on 2/6. They also gave me the opportunity to cancel duplicated orders.

    They guy on the phone said a hacker was responsible for their problems.

  6. Just got an email - sales start sometime after 10am on Feb 5. Oh good times.

    I am hoping that there are some Ice Hockey tickets and that the website doesnt crash like it did the first day of Beijing ticket sales.

    Wow. Just wow.

    Site went live at 10:45. After 45 min, I was able to add tickets to the cart. Decided not to get greedy and go ahead any check out. Everything is going fine, enter CC info (and double check)....bam...failure to connect to host. All tickets lost.

    Repeat that 2 more times, with less events available each time.

    My last attempt, I added a single women's hockey ticket....same result.

    I have a very slim hope my orders went through, but it is doubtful without email confirmation. No luck getting through to CoSport.

  7. I got my email at about 11 PM Monday:


    CU004 Curling

    IH014 Ice Hockey

    IH019 Ice Hockey

    BT005 Biathlon

    Didn't Get:

    SS006 Speed Skating

    AS005 Alpine Skiing

    SN002 Skeleton

    SJ004 Ski Jumping

    BS001 Bobsleigh

    I wish it had turned out better for me. I would have requested more events had I known it was going to be so dicey. When you filled out your request, all of my events except for SJ004 were listed as low demand events.

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