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  1. Asia Summer: Tokyo Winter: Almaty Europe Summer: BERLIN!, St.Petersburg, and Madrid Winter: Sofia, Ostersund, Salzburg => aka... i'm no fan of Munich.. haha! America Summer: NYC Winter: Anywhere in Vermont, Quebec, Anchorage. The Greater Australias: Summer: Brisbane/Gold Coast Winter: Christchurch For Africa Summer: Capetown or Jo-burg
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has anything from the Sofia 1992/1994 olympic bid-books? I've been scrounging for years... but not-a....
  3. Is it me or are the links to all the pdf's on the web-site broken? I keep being redirected to this other web-site?
  4. I agree! I've always looked at it and wondered "what the F where they thinking". Its location is really inconvinient. To cap it off, its realllly ugly. I do not mean to be rude, i'm just angry, because if it was not there i think (with a different well thought out plan) Istanbul might have an actual shot in 202X, and all the issues that the IOC has will be adressed, whithout actually building anything....
  5. i logged in just for this: anything new comming soon to the bid library?
  6. Hi, umm i just joined, but i was wondering if anyone plans to post the Sofia 92' or 94' bid books? I'm a huge fan of Sofia 20XX and having those would be pretty sweet! Cheers!
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