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  1. Totally agree! It is worth to try and I really hope that the government will be convinced. Beutiful picture btw
  2. That whould be funny but your question is irrelevant but for your information it is because Alfred Nobel´s mother came from Norway so that is why they gave one of the awards to a norwegian commitee. If you meant that Norway whould do it better, can you then explain why Obama and the European Union got the prize from Norway.... (I know this is off topic but so was your question)
  3. So you mean they are lying? (SOC)
  4. It whould be 840km to Åre though... and yes we did but that was a crazy idea even for that time, Gothenburg/Falun/Hammarstrand/Are, Gothenburg-Falun-Hammarstrand-Are= according to Google maps directions 1052 km....
  5. "...The conditions are, it is today possible, even the mildest winter, arranging all sports in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Stockholm. But the alpine speed streams can only Åre cope. International Olympic Committee now accept such a division, or even to cross the border to another country if necessary to gain access to the mountains. ..." (google translated so plz excuse the bad translation) from here; http://translate.goo...625de64f7f.html
  6. Why not having bobsleigh in Stockholm? And no, everything is not going to be in Are, If the government says no than it is a no for everything and we will not bid, and about the money they have already started to calculate and it wouldn´t cost so much (far from what they invested in Sochi)
  7. still it is just one sport and usually most spectators do not go and watch every single sport during the olympics
  8. http://translate.google.se/translate?sl=sv&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sok.se%2Fnyheter%2Fnyheter%2Fnyheter2009%2Fvinterosistockholm.5.5be03ec213ea625de64f7f.html&act=url alpine skiing is not 50% of olympics...
  9. No need to be upset here! and No need to worry about anything, just give us the games and you´ll se it would work fine
  10. Calm down Pillan but I see you need some support and as a swede from Gothenburg, It would be a dream come true if Stockholm whould get the WOG and for me it was a huge positive surprize when I heard about it so I hope SOC have good reasons for this when they call it a big opportunity. And remember they had the equestrian events 2008 in Hong Kong about 2000 km away.. They have already said that maybe the slalom also whould be hold in Stockholm. It may whould be better to officially call it "Stockholm 2022" instead of "Stockholm/Are 2022" but I wonder if not Salen could be another option but t
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