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  1. Pollution sparks Beijing rethink Smog partially obscures an Olympic Games sign in Beijing The UN claims Beijing's air quality will improve little before the Olympics The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will reschedule events at the 2008 Beijing Games if air pollution is a threat to athletes' health. In October a United Nations report said pollution in the Chinese capital was more than three times the safe limit. "If you have a risk you may have to decide to work on the rescheduling of the competition," said the Games' executive director Gilbert Felli. Felli confirmed any decisions
  2. If china can't host the games for some reason i'm sure IOC has some back up plans. i can see berlin paris london moscow tockyo toronto etc and half of USA cities can host decent games in month in already buildt facilities. maybe not great games and with the stadiums being far from each other but decent anyway. if that happen i don't see the IOC to give esaily another shot at china and definitely not doing a los angeles 1984 sort of bid to them but i'm sure there won't be any problem with china.They wanted that so badly to lost control about it.
  3. Wembley will host for sure champions league final (and maybe world cup) in the future but not 2008. Most likely 2009 or 2010 because i can 't see it winning anything before it is finsihed. Munich will win 2008 with their new arena IMO. the UEFA never give finals to stadium that aren t finish. With olympics and world cup the stadium has 6 years to be finish but a UEFA final it s in two years,if the construction takes more time (and it always do)or any accident occure UEFA will be in trouble so they always choose finshed stadium .
  4. england and france have bid for a lot of same event france gets soccer world cup in 98 and rugby world for 2007 and i hope WOG in 2012 but i can predict you than a island in europe will organize in the next two orv three decades this 3 sports events (no it s not iceland,malta,cyprus or even iceland ) i don 't need to be clairvoyant or nostradamus to predict this,just a guy who thinks a country like uk deserve to host this events and with the experience from 2006 & 2007(&2012 bid :laughlong: ?)will bid with sucess
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