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  1. Wow, 9 Eurovision Songcontests in a single year. Talk about overkill...
  2. Lithuania took the piss out of the contest. They deserve nothing but praise for that. A true Eurovision classic. Time to bring back Alf Poier!
  3. If making an impression means sending an over the top gay guy singing a ridiculous disco song that would even be considered ancient 30 years ago like Bosnia did a few years ago, than I'm happy we're barking against the wrong tree.
  4. I have no idea what the Dutch song sounds like but they have no chance to qualify anyway. Simply not enough friends.
  5. That would be Schei├čer and Schei├čer.
  6. Judging by the picture it might do well given Eurovision's popularity with the gay community.
  7. Great victory for the Armada. Free Gibraltar from those greedy Brits!
  8. Portugal got left with 7 white elephants...
  9. The current riots in Budapest and the match fixing scandal in Italy can't have hurt the Poland/Ukraine bid. I hope Croatia/Hungary wins though.
  10. The outside looks like a retail park :oo:
  11. It's population wise actually much bigger. We keep hoping ::
  12. Don't forget public transportation. Sure, we like to criticize it (especially the Dutch Railways) as often as we can but compared to other many other countries it's absolutely brilliant. I've been traveling by train 3 to 5 times a week now for way over 5 years (between Leiden, The Hague and Utrecht mostly) and the only serious delay I suffered was caused by snow (which obviously won't be a problem during the summer). Projects like the North-South Line in Amsterdam and RandstadRail between Rotterdam and The Hague will only improve public transport. Schiphol has its own station which enables pe
  13. The Leipzig bid planned to use a lot of venues in Dresden (correct me if I'm wrong) which is about 100 km away, twice the distant between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It wasn't a very succesfull bid though... Still, the idea is nice. The Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, beachvolleybal in The Hague (Scheveningen) and sailing in Rotterdam :idea:
  14. I understand that and would think systems would have to be installed to allow reconfiguring of an Olympic Stadium after the games. Maybe something like Telstra Stadium where the capacity was reduced post Olympics and the lower stands have the ability to move 18m's forward allowing for rectangular pitch and athletics play. Obviously, a new National Stadium built in Amsterdam would have to be scaled down after the games and used for sports like Football, Rugby and maybe even Hockey. Rugby can't even fill a 5000 seat stadium over here. It's a real students sport. Students start playing it whe
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