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  1. I just told you, Tony! keep it on the computer, and you may post it at Spring's end
  2. And the details of the bid books, are like this? http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/23586-first-annual-gamesbids-olympic-host-contest/?hl=%2Bhost+%2Bcity+%2Bcontest
  3. Mr. Bernham, mind your writing next time, as that big chunk o' paragraph won't be understood by everyone interested THIS is how you should write on the next time, and THIS is my re-edit: Welcome, everyone to the first season of the Olympic Bid Tournament! Now unlike similar competitions in the past this one is very different: Instead of asking each individual player to make a bid book on their own, you will make yours with a team. In addition to this the bid books will not be written in one sitting, but instead through a series of challenges which will cover every possible detail of a bid using past bid books as a guide. At the conclusion of each challenge your team will submit your work, it will then be judged by the GB Bid Committee. A winner will be decided, that winner will be given a maximum of five points. The second place winner for that week's challenge will receive three points. Third place will receive two points. And everyone else will receive one point. However, there is a twist: The team that receive the least amount of points after a challenge will each lose one member of their team for a week. So you must play to survive and win! At the end of the last challenge their should be three clear-cut winners. These teams will be "shortlisted". Once shortlisted, all of your challenge submissions must be put together in a bid book that follows the design of ones before it (check out the bid book collectibles thread for a link to them). Then the GB community will vote to decide the final host city. This year I will make things easier by doing the 2022 Winter Games. The teams will be handpicked by the committee and within your teams (I recommend starting a PM with them once you know who they are) will pick the city you would like to bid with. You will then list the name of your city here. After all the teams have selected a city you will receive your first challenge. Good luck! If you would like to play, please introduce yourself below and list some good talents you have that would give your team the winning edge!
  4. OK, under his request, this thread is to close next week
  5. Russia NEVER hosted a World Cup since. The REAL loser to leave, is the 2022 Qatar WC
  6. You just "ordered" Thomas bach and Sepp Blapper, to give you, your WORST WEDGEE!
  7. To refresh your mind, Tony E. This is why I told you that your logo competition is holding off a little longer: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/23586-first-annual-gamesbids-olympic-host-contest/
  8. Let's break open the champagne, your torch design won the Rio 2016 contest

  9. I'm very sorry but, you missed the deadline by a matter of weeks
  10. If it gets chosen by the Rio 2016 organising committee, then they're mandated to wear very thick gloves
  11. Welcome to GamesBids.com!

  12. Here they are, candidature files for the 2010-2018 Summer and Winter Youth Olympic Games: http://adf.ly/hSQPO
  13. Tony E. There's another contest after this one, and it's due on Easter. We're talking about the fantasy HCC (Host city contest) for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Yours can hold off for a little longer
  14. ONLY for the 2030 Summer YOG. The bigger counterpart is NOT suitable unless you're staging the Central American and Caribbean Games, like it occured with San Juan in 1966, Ponce in 1993, and most recently, Mayaguez in 2010. We also held the VIII Pan-American Games in 1979.
  15. Well screw it, there ain't no statehood until the New Progress Party obliterates me from existence
  16. Well, for the 2030 Summer YOG, of course! As I have Manila behind it
  17. Whoever tells me that San Juan didn't make to the candidature phase, then for what reason the Lille 2004 bid book is still electronically available? (And it's still with me) The IOC changed the rules in 2005 in where it is today, as applicant cities must submit their questionnaire responses before they're admitted to the shortlist in which THEY'RE sending the bid books. In this forum post, there were illustrated proposals derived from the bid book as can be found here: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1056619
  18. Even if it looks like a Wii console, who cares, I voted for torch F
  19. Middle East: Dubai Europe: Istanbul, Berlin (Thomas Bach's home soil) Central America & Caribbean: San Juan Southeast Asia: Manila, Kuala Lumpur Africa: Cape Town North America: Ottawa, Toronto Asia: Ulaanbaatar, New Delhi (Indians impatiently waiting for a dictator) Oceania: Wellington
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