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  1. Ok, let's make this simple. Simply propose the contest with its description, the dates, etc. And we'll prepare a separate thread that serves as a poll.

    But I'm still waiting for another olympic design contest (bidding cities, completely similar to this: http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/21888-candidate-city-design-contest/?hl=%2Bolympic+%2Bgames+%2Bdesign+%2Bcontest) but the questionnaire responses, and the bid books being submitted, must represent the same level of realism as it occurs in actual elections for olympic host cities, as no matter how many cities are being applied, there's room for six in the shortlist, kicking out one by one until the final round.

    If I can remember more, then I'll edit this post with newer info.

  2. The earliest record of the host city elections on my behalf was back in 2005 during the 2012 host city vote (obviously it went to London in which it hosted). I didn't knew what was all of the 2012 stuff coming out from not just London, but Paris, New York, Moscow, and Madrid respectively, until I read the local press about London's victory, like some sort of an NBA draft pick held every spring.

    For the 2016 vote, I was hyped about Tokyo, making its return to centre stage, being the ideal city to deliver the games. But on decision day, when it has been announced of its elimination after Chicago, I was badly brokenhearted. (I have fell in love with Japan since Summer 2000, and with Tokyo as early as 2001-2002)

    On September 2012, the month after the London Paralympics, I have noticed about their intent in bidding again, mostly coming out from blogs written by Americans in Japan such as Gaijinpot, and dannychoo.com. Being badly concerned about another loss, I quickly jumped to the internet for its preliminary polls in the race for 2020 Summer Games in which Istanbul and Madrid are also after, and THIS is where I became interested in the bidding process, as well as revisiting classic bids, being this my first anniversary here, assuring that my favourite city IS the one to go for. And it did. 60 to Istanbul's 36.

    To the Olympics in general, the most remote record in my mind is for Atlanta 1996. This is where Avon launched a massive campaign to support the games. Not to mention that I have first saw Izzy, by its animated series: "Izzy's quest for the Olympic Rings"

    To everyone at Gamesbids.com, this is my FIRST ANNIVERSARY being part of this family

  3. Oh wow that is so kind of you!! How did you get them?

    That really means a lot :)

    Straight from their bid pages (Gonna be offline after a few weeks)

    Being 1.15 Gigs in size, I had to use HJSplit (http://hjsplit.org), to split those into easy-to-upload chunks. It has been uploaded, and the files are below:

    Part 1: http://353baa9a.linkbucks.com

    Part 2: http://42dad8d7.linkbucks.com

    Part 3: http://2f5c360e.linkbucks.com

    Part 4: http://38669639.linkbucks.com

    Part 5: http://67a75607.linkbucks.com

    Part 6: http://0c4a20d3.linkbucks.com

    Part 7: http://552c2584.linkbucks.com

    Part 8: http://f65c8236.linkbucks.com

    You better need HJSplit to combine those to unzip

  4. Don't know if San Juan had a bid book cause they didn't make candidate stage.

    Wish some more bid books would pop up. Wonder how long til one of the 2020 books pops up!

    I got the electronic versions of the 2020 Candidature files (Not the applicant ones!), they're ready to be uploaded for you

  5. How did Athens 2004 looked like? As I remember the candidacy logo

    Never mind, I saw the candidate files from the outside.

    BTW, do you have the following files:

    Candidate files:



    2006-Torino (Successful)

    1992-Barcelona (Successful)

    2002-Salt Lake City (Bribed)


    1980-Moscow (Successful)


    2004-Cape Town

    2004-Buenos Aires


    Applicant Files:

    2004-San Juan


    2004-Rio de Janeiro



    2004-St. Petersburg

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