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  1. Aw, c'mon! The Youth Olympics is a newcomer to the global sporting scene, and it'll take years before it reaches the equal popularity as the bigger counterpart. So that's why I'm willing to setup the fantasy contest for the VI Summer YOG of 2030. I am currently in the planning phase, and it'll go live when it's done
  2. Damn it! I forgot to vote in this round! Oh well, there's no turning back
  3. That's okay. although this is my first time creating a candidature file for a world-class event, the next one will be even better than ever
  4. Aw, c'mon, isn't there's anybody else interested in bringing the World Cup in the Caribbean? Bringing it to Antarctica, would mean a bloody retaliation from the penguins
  5. Kept on biddin' when 9 out of 10 Norweigans yelled to it a big, fat NO. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. Thanks for appreciating my original concept, despite that I never have self-creativity because of my autism
  7. Just read the bid book, and looks like mine didn't follow the olympic format. But a typical one for the World Cup
  8. That's all the best i can do, in a very limited timeframe: http://sharesend.com/8w3rjxd1
  9. A neymar-less squadron, trying to face the strongest squadron in the world cup

  10. Gonna be like the 1986-1990 final. But post-Maradona

  11. Looks like I'm like Rio's Olympic preparations. Got the stadiums, but still searching for the following in the Caribbean for the following locations: Preliminary and final draws International broadcasting centre Kick-off concert FIFA Fan fests Football for hope festival
  12. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, not even a single penny to recover after just 16 days
  13. The most broken-hearted moment for a countryman, needs a consolation from this woman:

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      I'm still thinking this is a nightmare... But thanks for Macross. It's one of my favorite animes...

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