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  1. How about a 2030 YOG bid book competition? The shortlist would be for 8 cities, so I could perform an elimination bracket
  2. A *BLEEP!*-ing shame that this was my best chance to see the world withdraw from each other. Now being hoaged over by a satanic queen.
  3. Whoever wants Tokyo 2016, here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gn4a37mm9sw1nsm/Tokyo%202016%20Candidature%20File.pdf?dl=0 Plus, I'm interested in Tokyo's 1992 candidature file, and of course, Nagoya '88. Not to mention Athens 2004 and San Juan 2004
  4. Shouldn't the IOC kick it out automatically?
  5. Now you have both PETA and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) knockin' at ya door!
  6. And also when they were bidding for the XII Asian Games in 1994 shortly after Tokyo was deemed unfit for hosting these games. We all knew that in 1990, the economy stopped growing and came to a descent towards a devastating magnitude reached in 1998
  7. Here's the Tokyo 2016 Candidature file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gn4a37mm9sw1nsm/Tokyo%202016%20Candidature%20File.pdf I have heard recently about Tokyo's candidature for the 1992 Olympics that didn't took off by the end of 1985
  8. Looks like the penguin population are looking forward for a sigh of relief!
  9. Don't worry, my man, I got ya cover'd! but bas'd on ma timezone, I'll sort it out 4 ya
  10. Gonna be like Atlanta '96; they got rid of the Olympic stadium in order to be transormed to the present-day Turner Field: Home of the Atlanta Braves
  11. NEVER MIND! At least I have created it despite that it has been made on an iphone This is it. 6 have competed so far this competition, but now, there's two: Antarctica: http://issuu.com/woohooitsme83/docs/antarctica_2024/1 And Canada: https://www.sendspace.com/file/29vzmd Just one is gonna get their hands dirty of all that hard work getting those facilities ready for the big time. Penguins...or maple leaves? Who will be touching the trophy tonight? I have informed DamC that the final round has gone live
  12. Looks like I'm away from the computer, and I can't create polls from mobile. So when I return, better create the final round of voting albeit that there will be an incredible delay. I hope DamC can understand what I'm saying
  13. Well it ain't. It's a country in its own right, not of American origin although Indian tribes prove otherwise
  14. It seems that nobody, is willing to give another push to the 1994 World Cup host Poor Striker!
  15. 3 Countries out, 3 Remain. we're getting closer to decide which gets the honours. On DamC's behalf, we'll proceed with Round 4 of 5. He'll close this poll when instructed to do so. This is the sole criteria for evaluation: Antarctica: http://issuu.com/woohooitsme83/docs/antarctica_2024/1 Canada: https://www.sendspace.com/file/29vzmd http://fr.scribd.com/doc/233910193/Canada-2026-Bid-Book United States: http://www.scribd.com/doc/233761818/USA-2026 Best o' luck!
  16. Just like the IOC did, a separate round to be used as a tie-breaker And you'll have their "sponsors" slaughtering penguins, Carmageddon style
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