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  1. Since I'm in Puerto Rico, I am unable to catch it as NBC HD (Ch. 171 in DirecTV) requires a higher subscription package. I even tried to go chasing for a Free Canadian VPN to watch their CBC coverage, but none did have a chance to work. let me know if the Sochi 2014 official youtube gets to post it, as I'm already left behind without any apparent intention.
  2. Forget it, I paved way to the turks, if they don't mess up 'cuz we all know it'll be the state's fault
  3. ONLY IF THAT POLAR VORTEX, has a REAL chance of getting stationed in Russia
  4. Independently from the most heat-stoppin' (Bids for Olympic hosts as the purpose of this site's existence) But San Juan must go as the host city for the session (HL of Richard Carrion, and yes, the infamous 2004 bid.) The Convention Centre in Condado can serve as the locale where the whole session takes place, especially if the majority of the support comes SOLELY, from the Popular Democratic Party, and NOT the New Progress Party.
  5. I was also going for the applicant files, but it seems that Istanbul and Madrid had taken their sites offline after their loss. Too late to retrieve their applicant files, except Tokyo: http://adf.ly/Vgf25
  6. Compare with Sydney: The bid: And what the organizing committee has chosen:
  7. From one of my peak years (1997) When we've enjoyed the WWW's heyday
  8. To all the uninformed, these are the bid books for the 2020 candidates (Istanbul - 6 Volumes, Tokyo - 3 Volumes, Madrid - All in one bid file in both ENG-SPA and ENG-FRA) All are zipped into one heavy file
  9. Straight from their bid pages (Gonna be offline after a few weeks) Being 1.15 Gigs in size, I had to use HJSplit (http://hjsplit.org), to split those into easy-to-upload chunks. It has been uploaded, and the files are below: Part 1: http://353baa9a.linkbucks.com Part 2: http://42dad8d7.linkbucks.com Part 3: http://2f5c360e.linkbucks.com Part 4: http://38669639.linkbucks.com Part 5: http://67a75607.linkbucks.com Part 6: http://0c4a20d3.linkbucks.com Part 7: http://552c2584.linkbucks.com Part 8: http://f65c8236.linkbucks.com You better need HJSplit to combine those to unzip
  10. I got the electronic versions of the 2020 Candidature files (Not the applicant ones!), they're ready to be uploaded for you
  11. Whoever got San Juan 2004, let me know...as well as Athens 2004, I wanna figure out what went wrong on the island's bid (Initiated by Richard Carrion, on ballot for this Tuesday)
  12. If we fast forward 20 years later, it might be an ideal city for the Games of the XXXVII Olympiad, as it already has an olympic stadium that needs to be mantained
  13. Never mind, I saw the candidate files from the outside. BTW, do you have the following files: Candidate files: 2000-Beijing 2000-Istanbul 2006-Torino (Successful) 1992-Barcelona (Successful) 2002-Salt Lake City (Bribed) 2008-Osaka 1980-Moscow (Successful) 2004-Rome 2004-Cape Town 2004-Buenos Aires 2004-Stockholm Applicant Files: 2004-San Juan 2008-Havana 2004-Rio de Janeiro 2004-Seville 2004-Lille 2004-St. Petersburg
  14. Thumbs down, Yugoslavia no more, Each surviving ethnic group established a country of their own
  15. How did Athens 2004 looked like? As I remember the candidacy logo
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