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  1. It has been years since I last posted here with all of you.

    As of now, I was saying to myself: "Better hurry up even if I have to take out a loan".


    My sole picks are the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The rest of my Japan vacation is under planning. Per CoSport being Category A is setting at $5,000 for both.

    I'm running a fundraiser because according to current estimates (airfare from Tampa Bay, accommodation, transportation, activities, equipment rental, etc.) it would run up to $50,000 at least.


  2. On 10/14/2013 at 5:45 AM, gotosy said:

    Japan Olympic Committee conducts online poll on artists for Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony

    While preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are already beginning, one burning question on (maybe) everybody’s mind is, “Who will perform at the opening ceremonies seven years from now?” Okay, maybe not everyone is prioritizing that exactly, but theJapan Olympic Committeeconducted a survey asking which Japanese acts people would like to see representing the nation’s culture and music during the ceremony, which serves as a major point for the world’s biggest sporting event.

    Many were surprised at the results, especially at the fact that J-pop’s arguably best-selling group right now, AKB48, was only at number 7. Topping the list was Southern All Stars, a long-time pop rock band that started in the mid-70s. Some netizens’ reactions to that was surprise at the fact that they’re still around. J-pop group Arashi, 14-member boy band EXILE, 90s boy band SMAP (“Sports Music Assemble People”, which may be a bit more apt for the Olympics, name-wise) and folk duo Yuzu were ranked 2-5, with the aforementioned AKB48 at 7 and pop superstar Hikaru Utada at 8.


    Some commenters were disappointed at the fact that so many J-pop acts were in there, which they say will make Japan an “international laughing-stock”. There were some who also jokingly (or maybe they were actually serious) said that maybe they should’ve also includedvocaloids, or singing voice synthesizers, since Japan should showcase both the music and their technological capability. Still some said this was just the JOC testing the waters since it’s still too early to decide on things like that and the fact that the musical evolution might change by the time 2020 is upon us. Who knows, maybe by that time you’ll have a whole bunch of singing and dancing robots as your worldwide pop superstars, which isn’t really that far off.




  3. On this day, just 30 years ago, Barcelona was named as host of the Games of the XXV olympiad thus flipping the bird on Paris, Birmingham, Belgrade, Brisbane, and Amsterdam respectively.

    Whoever's a Spaniard here, it's flashback time. Tell me what you were doing at the day of the announcement

    And the full coverage to live it again (TV3 coverage, Catalán only except when Felipe Gonzalez addressed to the public at the end of the broadcast)


  4. If there is any hint of Macross, mind the opposition yelling DECULTURE! No worries, there is no Zentradi at present.

    Anyway, I mean it seriously. Shoji Kawamori must step into the Olympic stage with the best he got. The ones from the United Voices of Macross (Lynn Minmay, Ishtar, Sharon Apple, Fire Bomber, The Nome trifecta of Sara, Mao and Sheryl, followed by Ranka Lee, Mina Forte and the most recent entrants: Walkure) needs to have an expected effect aimed at the athletes.

    Like this, if the Japanese delegation is hideously troubled in making it to the top of the medal count:



    And Shonen Knife, yes, an Olympic remake of Michael Macdonald's Ain't No Mountain High Enough

  5. By the existing national situation, another meaning of mine for a minimalist one. The cauldron had the same mechanism used for the 1979 Pan-American Games, but the design, heh, similar to the 2007 Pan-American Games.


    I feel bad for the country nowadays, but the damage is done. And I spotted a glitch: Bach failed to give the honour to the Brazilian president to proclaim the games open.

    And the beginning, before the Amazonia segment, didn't catch it. Not even the countdown.

    The cauldron design, the sun has returned.

  6. Quick question, did the 2004 applicants that never made the shortlist make bid books? I know Lille and San Juan did I'm talking mainly about Rio. Did Sochi make anything for 2002? Also, did Brasilia, Milan and Tashkent make anything for 2000?

    Based on my findings, they did published the books, even if they were screened out of the final shortlist for the 2004 olympic vote. According to an entry in Google books, San Juan's bid was published

  7. Whatever it is, send 'em to these boyz!

    "Slogans can be submitted through the beijing-2022.cn website, by e-mail to kh@beijing-2022.cn, or by post to an address given on the website."

    I hope that you can understand Chinese, as for the mainland is the Mandarin counterpart

    Mine got underway, now it's your turn


    No submissions after November 20th!

  8. I think Tokyo was only interested in bidding for 1992, I doubt they even made a candidature file.

    The truth is, as a result of opposing statements made by the Tsukuba Expo '85 committee that have been made public by error, the bid has been...abandoned. It never made it to the IOC's hands by the deadline in early 1986.

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