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  1. Just imagine if the Ninja Warrior franchise can one day make it to IOC recognition, and in the programme as well.

  2. Tommorow night, join me for a live chat of the opening ceremony via Skype. Look for me as: eduardogonzalez1758

  3. A neymar-less squadron, trying to face the strongest squadron in the world cup

  4. Gonna be like the 1986-1990 final. But post-Maradona

  5. The most broken-hearted moment for a countryman, needs a consolation from this woman:

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      I'm still thinking this is a nightmare... But thanks for Macross. It's one of my favorite animes...

  6. No other option, than to grab third place on their home soil

    1. DannyelBrazil


      I don't care about 3rd place. Probably I won't even watch it.

      Whatever for those freaky chickens...

    2. DannyelBrazil


      chickens: Brazilian players.

  7. To the Brazilian squadron, being in the final week of the World Cup, desperate to lift the trophy on home grounds in the effort to avenge their 1950 defeat against the now-eliminated Uruguay team, let Lynn Minmay soothe you, and guide you to victory with this song:

  8. Just like I wanted, Brazil in the semifinals. The most important for their society financially overspent of these two events

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Keep hatin' *flies away with a jetpack*

    2. DannyelBrazil


      Cobi... Spain... I rest my case.

  9. I'm hopeful that the host country could reach the semifinals. Being eliminated in the quarterfinals could mean a catastrophic national disgrace than their 1-2 defeat against Uruguay in the 1950 final

    1. DannyelBrazil


      Nah, the 1950 was one of the best of their time. Our actual team really sucks. We are already used to the idea we have more chances to be defeated than be champions.

    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      BUT we should remember Brazil won the last two with "shitty" teams.

  10. First time a coach got red-carded, and Costa Rica took advantage

  11. We could expect a Brazil-Uruguay rematch in the final after nearly 65 years, especially if it's to lift the spirits to put an "Ayrton senna pace" in getting Rio ready for the next summer games

    1. DannyelBrazil


      If I was you, I would check the thread Venue and Infra-Structure in Rio 2016 section. You'd be amaze.

    2. DannyelBrazil


      No more Uruguay, actually.

  12. Looks like penalty kicks is what could have brazil on the line

  13. Favourite WC commentator? Univision's Jorge Perez Navarro, famous for the initial reactions seconds after the ball touches the net

    1. BTHarner


      His goal calls are among my favorites.

    2. eternalcobi
  14. Japan is on my eyesight. Native territory for Macross, Gundam, Patlabor, you name it

  15. ISTANBUL 2024 OR BUST!

    1. Rob.


      Turkey could be tying itself in knots again with their intention to bid for Euro 24! Amazing the 2020 situation could repeat itself.

    2. BTHarner


      Please Turkey, don't make the same mistake again. Concentrate on the Euro bid.

    3. FYI


      But Istanbul also lies in a seismic active region. So what now, ET! What now! :-P

  16. Let's break open the champagne, your torch design won the Rio 2016 contest

  17. Welcome to GamesBids.com!

  18. To the Southeast Asians, whatever caused the Malaysian Flight 380 to vanish in thin air, will be the one to blame. Especially the US, for having non-Obamas on board

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