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  1. The fact that they didn't upgrade the highway to accomodate 2 lanes in each direction all the way from north vancouver to Whistler is dispcable. In some parts the highway is still only 2 lanes (1 in each direction). How ridiculous.
  2. Troll. Should be banned. Ignore him

  3. Woohoo the crown jewel of stadiums in Canada. Thats equivalent to being a piece of corn on a turd. The stadiums in the US are world class because they're the best in the world and set the bar. The proposed BC Place falls flat on its face in comparison. So obviously it will never be world class.
  4. The new proposed roof looks absolutely atrocious. What a joke. They're trying to make a world class facility on a meager budget and they're going to fall flat on their face.
  5. With all these supposed "renovations" people are saying it will be world class. But will BC Place really be a world class facility? Compared to top tier stadiums like the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium, University of Phoenix Stadium, Lucas Oil Stadium? Its obvious to see that BC Place can't compare.
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