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  1. Baron: Maybe you aren't happy unless there's a chorus line...? Or some can-can girls? Or some kind of *fabulous" over-blown number?
  2. Okay... my favourite thing on this whole board: that communist party pic you have. That's really a communist party! I really don't think Mao would have been much fun at a party. Just a thought...
  3. Hmmm... I think having Turkey in the EU would help things along, for Turks and the relationship between the West and "the East."
  4. The Palesintian rapper nominee for Eurovision:
  5. Turkish Guy: I think by picking that song Turkey will be allowed into the EU... and banned from the Hajj. My favorite part was the Tarkan-like laugh at the end.
  6. Issa, Maryam & Yussuf! Finally it was explained... and it makes sense. Only they should changed the name of the broadcasting union to reflect the diversity. Or am I too influenced by North American nations, now? Hmmmm....
  7. No sorries required. I didn't blame you nor Europe. But remember Ahmadcrazyjad said Israel is a European caused problem. I nominate Mongolia! I am only going to personally blame Europe or YOU... if this Israeli song gets nominated, or whatever: http://youtube.com/watch?v=SbZrDM8ADGU We all know Romania got on the map due to that song... why did they need to translate it into Hebrew?!
  8. Why is Israel included in the list? I think Eurvision would be really kickin' if Lebanon were added--due to whatever wacked logic added Israel...
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