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  1. Also Vancouver 2010 ships only within Canada - like HBC does! What a stupid policy - but thank god that there is ebay for all non canadians
  2. @ Kendegra: Well, I know a few people how took their free days for being a Volunteer. In 2004 and 2006 I was a student - and if I should be chosen for Vancouver 2010, I would take 10 days off at my current job and would work there. Thats not the problem. The problem is that any Volunteer need to be trained and the duration of the training depends on the Volunteer position - some require a more intense training than others.
  3. Muk Muk rules - hes the best of all of them!!
  4. I would like to buy something as well (I want to have Miga (2 x), Quachi and Sumi as plush dolls) - but HBC only ship to canadian residences!!! I was also told that the official vancouver 2010 online store wont ship to Europe. Strange policy.... Makes me a bit sad though. Does anyone know what I can do in gtting the mascots (except ebay)??
  5. ... well, also the grown ups and Olympic Collectors and Enthusiasts do like them !! (am I am grown up?? I am 27)
  6. Well, I really like them: They are cute and they will sell well - they do fit perfect into the Vancouver 2010 branding and they are good if we see them animated. That was the problem with Neve and Glitz and also with Phevos and Athena - they looked kind of ugly when they were drawn. But Miga and Quatschi will make it I think. Hope we will see more of MukMuk - he is really the best! I also do like that they do have this kind of enviromental touch and so they do have a message :-) Yes! I am totally satisfied - cant wait to buy all the mascot stuff now!!
  7. I really had luck: Just before the agency of the German NOC started its first Sell, I applied for some tickets (Beachvolleball, Swimming, Diving, Athletics and two Opening Ceremonies Tickets) just before the catalogue was online. After a few weeks I got all my tickets confirmed and paid them immediatly. then, 2 weeks ago, I got the payment confirmed and was told that the tickets will be sent in June. Its really bad to see that nearly all of you guys have such big problems in buying tickets. I dont know what they are doing at BOCOG, but I think its not the only problem they have. If you try to contact someone from the Volunteer Department, they dont understand you and just have some phrases in their "chinglish". Volunteer Confirmations wont be out before March - May 2008 - ways to late to get a cheap flight. So this time, I will be a tourist "only" - unfortunatly.
  8. The vancouver 2010 is the best Paralympic Logo so far - followed by Athens. Its better than the Olympic Logo.... I still dont like it
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