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  1. I am also looking for the latest Venue Plan, I have read somewhere here, that they made some slight modifications to the concept which was provided in the Applicant File. Does anyone have the latest plan?
  2. Where are theyß They are almost impossible to find and wont pop up on ebay. Rome did pop up once within the last eight years, Capetown also and I have never seen Stockholm on ebay. The Buenos Aires booklet seems to be a summary of the Bid and Mexico and Munich are the books submitted to the IOC.
  3. Its worth the set. No matter if the Paralympic Volume is included or not - you are a bit hesistant when it comes to buy a bookset darcy, hm?! Is still have Tokyo 2016 here, but I wont put it on ebay at the moment, as I am not willed to pay the fees.
  4. The Set for 30 Euro is with the container but without the Paralympic folder - which belonged to set but it was a suplement and not in the container. The set for 120 Euro is like the one for 30 Euro (3 folders in the container) and has the Paralympic Folder additionaly. 30 Euro is a good price for the set. Although its a boring one.
  5. Here they are: http://www.zvab.com/displayBookDetails.do?itemId=182711196&b=1 http://www.zvab.com/displayBookDetails.do?itemId=2425499&b=1 One set for 30 Euro (Paralympic Volume is missing, was additionally and not in the container and another set with the Paralympic Volume included for 120 Euro
  6. Yes, it's the Berlin Bid Book. But ways too expensive. I would not pay more than 90 Euro for it. Unfortunatly it's a very boring set and the worst 2000 set. There is a German online bookstore in the Internet which is selling antique books (www.zvab.de; just type in Olympiabewerbung or Olympia Bewerbung and you might find the books for a reasonable price).
  7. No, it's not me selling them on eBay.
  8. Well, in this case I did not care for the slipcase, because the books are nice. It's always better to have it complete, but when I bought Sochi 2002 years ago, I was so happy to find them although the container was missing. And I would take the missing sets immediately - no matter which condition and if the container is included or not
  9. London 2012 ended 2 days ago. Although I have it already, I bought its - it juyt went for 27 Pounds. I think its the best book from the 2012 race. A clean, simple design and so informative. Seems as it was the Blueprint for the Chicago 2016 Bid Book (which is very similar).
  10. Sure its very annoying, as Bid books pop up on ebay only recently. Still looking for 2 books from 2004 to complete the collection since 8 years now.
  11. Ok! @ Lord: Yes, we are talking about the three VOlume Bid book Tokyo 2016 - not the applicant file.
  12. I still dont know how to upload any pics. But if you sent me your email, I can send them to you.
  13. Hi Folks! I am selling one of my spare Bid Books from Tokyo 2016 (without scarf, which is missing). Price: 150 US Dollars. If anyone is interested, send me a message
  14. But from Lillehammer he offers just one volume. They released in 1992 a three Volume set (and in 1994 two volumes).
  15. Yes the postage is always high unfortunatly. But the Salzburg set is worth the price, although the Sochi set is the best 2014 set. I have not seen Paris 1992, I just collect the books from 2000 on and got them all from 2004 - 2018, except three.
  16. The Salzburg Book is a bargain. I don't think he will lower the price and it is a nice one. SwissO: I can't send you any messages :-(
  17. Athens 2004 is really a boring Book. But as Swiss said, it is a winning book. I think it will sell for 800-1000 Dollar. I know that there is a greek collector who buys anything collectable related to the Athens games - for almost any price. Maybe the Athens book is that boring, because Athens decided late to submit a Bud for the 2004 games and they had less time than the other cities. They submited nearly the same concept as for 1996 - so they did not really improve their concept. And the book is also not that rare, it pops up on eBay quite often, while the other not successful bids are difficult to find. The Paris 2012 is quite nice, although its not that good as New York 2012, London or Madrid. But it is still a nice copy.
  18. @ Olympic Fan Darcy: 349 pounds for the Berlin 2000 Bid Book is a joke. You will find these books from time to time on the german ebay for abou 50 - 100 Euro. They are quite poor, as they are only in a binder and a bit boring, unfortunatly. Athens 2004 is on ebay.com; I am quite excited for how much it is sold this time. Also Athens was one of the poor looking books of the 2004 sets. Nothing in comparison to Rome or Stockholm or the others.
  19. They are quite nice - although the Torino, Athens and Sydney designs were much better. I think these tickets look a bit boring - and I expected something more from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies tickets.
  20. Breaking News: The Torch relay in Paris has been stopped and the Flame on the route extinguished.... The police escorted the flame into a bus - the relay has been stopped.
  21. I do undestand your position Savas and I know that Olympia is sacred ground - but any kind of protest in this issue is necessary - everywhere in the world. For me that also includes protests in these kind of rituals and ceremonies. The IOC and BOCOG are proclaiming the Olympic Values and in China human rights, the freedom of free speech are trampled.
  22. Well, its o.k. and right that they distrurbe the journey of the flame - as long they dont use Violence against the Torch bearer. If there wont be a Boycott, the protestors have to find other way in communicating their issues. What did the IOC expect: That as soon as the Beijing Flame approaches everyoe shouts "Hurray. here it is; the Symbol of peace!" ??? I am excited what else we will see on the journey of the Flame.
  23. Watch this video (without comment) on the bbc website - here, we can see the first protest on the way of the torch - I never thought that the greek security/ police would act that kind of rouggh and brutal: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7310654.stm
  24. Its kinda strange - although I already bookd my flights and bought some tickets etc. I am not in the mood for the Olympics in Beijing for a while now. I really was looking forward for Athens and Torino and I am also cant wait for Vancouver - but Beijing???? I am also thinking about cancelling my trip, cause of the things going on in China - we as spectators will see only the things we are allowed to see - and what is that for an Olympics, while people in Tibet are slaughted and innocent, political Opponents sitting in Prison (did you hear about the man, who did criticise on Chinas HIV politics, he was arrested at home for onth and now he is in prison - just because he tried to talk about an important issue??). Maybe a Boycot of most of the western NOCs all together would be an option - sure its bad foe the athletes - but the Olympics in China wont lead to an open dialogue and they wont improve the Human right situation. If theres a bigger Boycot, the chinese regime would losse its face, cause so far we only saw a fake picture of a modern and dynamic China - also what we saw of the Games Preparation so far was a fake of an "open city" - I could spew when I read the Games Slogan "one world, one dream" . The Beijing Games are similar to the Berlin 1936 Games. In 1936, Germany showed the world what a great country it was and for 2 weeks in August 1936, the Values of peace and unity were celebrated in a totalitarian country - while Jews were haunted, political opponents, disabled and Homosexuals were persecuted. Also in 1936, many people thought that an Olympic games will lead to Dialogue on political issues with Germany. Sure both regimes are not easy to compare - but victims of a regime are victims. The Games in 2008 gonna be just a big deal for the chinese economy & government and for anyone who is stupid enough to believe in the colourful pictures of competitions and ceremonies. Awarding the Games to China back in 2001 was one of the wordt decisions of the IOC ever (Toronto would have been the right choice): Now the IOC is paying the price, cause it losses its face either: You cant emphasise on the Values of Humanity in your global Guidelines and go to China for celebrating the Games and emphasising that Sport never has a political component is just a joke. But we all know how it worked back in 2001: Samaranch was haunting for the Peace Nobel Price for years. During cold war, he favoured an Olympic Games in West and East Berlin and after 1990, Beijing became his favourit. As hard as it sounds: A Boycot of the Beijing Games is an option.
  25. Well, I am very glad that I found all the "basic merchandise" I need right now on ebay. The mascots were quite expensive but thats ok, because I really want them now. As SkiFrek said, for me it was the only option to buy things right now. I am not sure if it makes sense if VANOC investigates Ebay. Sure its a problem for them - but I think they cant stop people selling stuff.
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