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  1. The digital Version was also included in the Official Report (in parts and in the Torino 2006 Layout and Branding). This is why I bought it. They also produced a Paralympic Copy additional to the Bid book - nothing special but I got it as well. I will post pics when I have it

  2. Well, these are not the Bid Books. The Set consists of thee heavy volumes. These are some sport proposals and some issues from "Share the Spirit". But the items are nice and I would put them on ebay.

    The real set would maybe go for 600 Dollar max. There is still the Beijing set available for around 600...

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  3. Well, I dont think you wont find them much cheaper anywhere. And I dont know what you want in general - you always talk that you hope that there will be sth interesting popping up on ebay and when it comes to buying you dont do it. 95 Bugs for Salzburg 2014, 85 for the Applicant File of Istanbul 2020 (potential winning city)and only 85 for Calgary is a very good deal. The same with Sion 2002 - quite impossible to find nowadays and for 45 Dollar its the perfect deal. It was obvious that Sochi 2014 will go for more than 200 - its a beautiful set, a winning bid and I even expected them to go for more, because its a very tough find. In general, everything up to 150 for a non succesful Bid is more than fine - and if you take it serious you would pay that price.

  4. They are all very nice, although Lillehammer 1992 and 1994 are not complete.

    If I am right, the Nagano one is the version that was sent to IFS, Media and NOCs and not the IOC Version (but both version contain the IOC Questionnaire). Sion 2002 is nice and so is Salzburg. I guess Sochi will be very pricey.... And even the copmplete Istanbul Questionnaire is worth buying.

  5. Well, the single volume is much better than the bid book, as it contains some nice texts and there are many beuatiful pictures of old Berlin and Berlin at the beginnings of the 90ies. There are also some graphics about venues.

    But 34 pounds or 50 Dollar is ways too much. This single volume was handed out to IOC members and some VIPs.

    The Bid Book of Berlin 2000 is a bit bland on the first Look as Lords says, but it is still informative and its fine if you are interested in the planing - not in the presentation. But overall, its true: All the other Bid Books for 2000 I have so far (Beijing, Sydney and IStanbul and Berlin) were ways better presented. Only Manchester 2000 came up with binders too - and they used very cheap and thin paper (only have volume one).

  6. Well, I also was very, very impressed by Madrids presentations during the Evaluation Commission visits. It was a hughe success for the Bid Committee.

    But overall I am not sure if it really can help them to win. Of course, the Madrid concept is compact and reliable. But there are still some weak points in the Bid (OCOCG Budget f.e.) and the Bid is missing the "Wow-Factor" - the same with Tokyo: A stable Bid but if you read through the Bid Documents of both Bids, I cant see, why they want to host the Games.

    They are not telling a story - like London did back in 2005 ("Inspire a generation") and Rio did so very well back in 2009. We all know that Rio submitted a very weak concept back in 2009 and that Tokyo, Chicago and Madrid had submitted a more detailed and compact technical Concept. But Rio was the only city which was praised in the Evaluation Commission report - they were the only candidate, that "narrated" a story - why Rio, why now.

    I think that Istanbul can create that momentum too - but they must use the Evaluation Commission visit as a start now. Their Bid documents lacked in detail if we only take a look in Venue Planing - but their concept as a whole looks quite stable and sound. And if we read through the Bid Book of Istanbul, they match the "Lingua Franca" of the Olympic Movement best.

    I also do love the Madrid Bid as it is their third attempt but I miss the vision behind it - the same with Tokyo. Both cities improved their concept but I dont know if this alone is really is enough to win...

  7. @ Lord: I am glad that you found the Books of Berlin. Their concept was quite nice (many venues have been built as the Velodrome and the Aquatics center). They had no Budget problems back in 1993 but they produced 3500 (!!!) Bid Booksand and saved money in the production. Therefore they decided to produce them in this bland Binder-Version. Some of the sets included an additional Paralympic Binder (three binders in the container and the Paralympic one extra).


    Have you seen this already? Here you can get the Bid Books for about 90 Euro. I think the price is ok - but maybe you can get a good price if you send them an Email:


  8. 200 Pounds for a succesful Bid is not pricey and who cares if the case is included? Sure, its better with the container, but if the container is just a cardbord box, it really doesn`t matter. I would be happy to find the books I am still missing - no matter in which condition they are and no matter if the box is included.

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