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  1. Rio 2004 is quite boring but Stockholm is one of the most beautiful Bid books ever produced (in the sets you bought the appedixes on enviroment are missing).

    Klagenfurt, Istanbul are only some summaries. I did buy Östersund 1998 (missing) and Sion (my copy is a mess). Sion is a great Set and I guess also Östersund 1998 will be (their 2002 copies were boring - like all 2002 copies).


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  2. To me it seems as they are just not ready and had no time to instal the look elements in a proper way. The "Second week Venues"  (i.e. Veoldrom or Olympic Stadium) do ways look better then the aquatic center or the arenas.

    Back in 2012 I was not addicted to London: Horrible Logo, terrible mascots and ugly torch. But London put all the graphic elements together in a consistent and stringent way - all their venues looked amazing and special. Rios arenas look boring and in some ways just uninspirational and just bland. It simply does not work. 

    To me Athens and London did an outstanding job and Rio is disapointing. Nothing special at al and they could have done better in every way. 

  3. I ahve two questions regarding the 2000 Bids:

    1.) Was the Beijing 2000 Set really just the three books in the Container?

    2.) Did Brasilia ever submit a Bid Book set? I have never seen any Pictures - but they were rated in the Evaluation Commisíon Report.....

    last week, I got Milano 2000 - a solid Bid and a technical interesting Bid - but without any chances from the beginning.



  4. Hi! Yes, the 2008 is still on ebay. It is a solid set and quite nice (although the container is missing). Some books are easy to find (like Berlin 2000). Otherwise watch out ebay or maybe contact your national Olympic Committee. Sometimes Bid books pop up on ebay.

  5. Oh, a few days off and the discussion on books goes on. Interesting stories, TNMP. To collect seriously, it takes patience, time and money. It is difficult, to find the books nowadays. I started collecting 11 years ago and still search some sets. Glad that I have a very long list too. Some were and are difficult to find (Torino, Athens, St. Petersburg, San Juan....) and some very few still easy to get. I love my collection as it took years to set it up - all in a row in 8 Billy shelves :-) Glad anytime, I walk on by.

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  6. Dear all, I am looking for the IOC Evaluation Report for the 2002 Cities. Does anyone have it?

    Furthermore, I have got a question regarding the Beijing 2000 Bid Books. I have them and its just three books in a plain box. Was that really all? I can imagine that they came along with something more or is this set really a "classic" one (three books only)?

  7. Yes, New York 2012 pop up quite often and Paris does from time to time. Both Bid Books are nice and Paris delivered an excellent Bid. Therefore, their Bid Book is a "good read". I never saw any of Madrid Bids popping up on ebay or Moscow 2012. They are rare and more difficult to get - like most of the books.

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  8. Like for 2002, there were strict regulations for 2004: use of photos only if really needed. Therefore, we have the Bid Books of Buenos Aires and St. Petersburg - not using a single photo at all (Buenos Aires just three or four) and the cities, which did not care of the rules like Rome and Stockholm and therefore presented some of the best Bid Books ever produced.

    The Lille Bid Book looks cheap indeed - but the concept is very intersting and sowhat strange, that it is a good read.

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