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  1. In reference to the above posts on the other international games... Perhaps it would be possible to create a setup similar to the "General and Olympic Related Off-Topic" forums. On the main page, there is just one link to a "sublisting" where there are three seperate forums on Off-topic, Memorabilia, and Events. Could it be possible to do that for the other intl. games, with sub-forums for Commonwealth Games, Pan-American Games, etc? That way, the forums are broken down, but there isn't an overpowering presence of non-Olympic forums on the main page. After all, this is first and foremost an Olympics forum.
  2. Here's my question...will the 2012 bid posts somehow be archived? One thing I didn't like after the Athens games was that that forum dissapeared. I don't like it when any forum is deleted - I feel that a lot of "forum history" is lost. Will London be moved to the same grouping as the other host cities, and the other candidates combined into "2012 Bidding Cities?"
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