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  1. It kind of looks like a giant Viceroy cottage. I am not sure if I like the new renderings-a product of group think? Although, I have faith it will look great once built.
  2. So the roof will contain vegetation? I dont understand, who is going to take care of all its gardening? They will have to be careful with a concept like that, beacuse in most casses if the vegetation gets 'out of hand' the building will look atrocious. Either way, I think it will gorgeous on Vancouvers waterfront.
  3. I seriously doubt that a nation smaller than 4 million has the extra multi-millions, or in Athens case 1 Billion, to spend on hosting the world. Sure New Zealand may have the right geographical venues in hosting, but I am serieously sceptical about its infrastructure other than Auckland. Sorry New Zealand, but hats off to you in 35 years!!
  4. Source: CIA Publications Wow I never knew how small the population of New Zealand was? 3,951,307 (July 2003 est.) .. That is smaller than Toronto. Hmmn well maybe if New Zealand has a strong GDP they could have cash to build infastructure to host the Olympics? Purchasing Power Parity - $78.8 billion (2002 est.) That is not bad... But apparently their government is in a defecit? revenues: $29.2 billion expenditures: $31.2 billion, including capital expenditures of $NA (2002) Maybe they should not be looking at having an Olympics with a running government defecit?
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