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  1. Clover Moore is the Mayor of the City of Sydney. The City of Sydney is just 1 of 38 local government areas in the Sydney Metro area. Population of the City of Sydney is 160,000 Population of Greater Sydney is 4,700,000 Clover Moore is irrelevant.
  2. What it shows is that Brisbane offers the lowest weather of a September Olympics than either Sydney and especially Melbourne. Low chance of rain,low chance of very hot weather and a high chance of clear blues skies with ideal mid 20s weather. Sydney can offer this as well,but a likelyhood of a possible cool,wet day or 2,while Melbourne is highly likely to have a weather interuppted Olympics with the high chance of at least rain every second day and very limited days that will have ideal conditions. If the Olympics were held in Melbourne in mid to late October,the chances for ideal conditions improve dramatically(like today here in melbourne!),but this is huge disadvantage basing a bid around October. Anyway,this thread is a Sydney 2040 thread,so I wont go on about Melbourne and Brisbane. I would love to see another Olympics in Sydney,but i wont hold my breath.Current sporting facilities( although still suitable for an Olympics) make no difference for an event that will take place in 26 years.Sydney and its facilities will be very different to wjat we see now.The same can be said for Melbourne and Brisbane.
  3. This is a better analysis of weather experienced in Sydney,Melbourne and Brisbane since 1996 and each Olympiad. Weather observations taken from Sydney Olympic Park Melbourne GPO Brisbane Airport Brisbane GPO
  4. If an Olympics were held in 2014,then this is what we got for the main capital cities. I selectged period: Friday 19th Sept-Sunday 5th Oct 2014 Sydney Olympic Park Ave Max: 24.4 degC Rain: 2/17 days (7.4mm) Ave Hours of Sunshine: 8.2hrs Brisbane Ave Max: 25.3 degC Rain: 4/17 days (24.6mm) Ave Hours of Sunshine: 5.2hrs Melbourne Ave Max: 21.1 degC Rain: 6/17 days (18.4mm) Ave Hours of Sunshine: 6.8hrs Perth Ave Max: 22.8 degC Rain: 6/17 days (59.2mm) Ave Hours of Sunshine: 7.4hrs
  5. London in August is warmer and drier than Melbourne in September. Yes,Melbourne is a great place and has distinct qualities,but holding a summer olympics in Melbourne in Sept is a mistake,and opposition wil use this against any advantage Melbourne may have.
  6. Looking at Melbourne's weather records dated 21st Sept- 6th Oct 1996http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/MELBOURNE/09-1996/948680.htm Ave low Temp- 9.6 dec C (49 deg f) Ave high Temp-16.7 deg C (62 deg f) Number of rain days -11 ( out of 16 days) In summary,Melbourne 1996 would of been miserable,cold and wet.
  7. Ok,comparing London in March to Sep in Melbourne is a little unfair,but a better comparison would be London in May.Unpredictable,a lot of rain,with the occasional warm day,but rarely breaking the 20 deg C mark.Outdoor events would be guaranteed to be rain affected in some manner. August,Sept and October are Melbourne's wettest 3 months of the year,with an average of over 10 days of main per month. If the AOC we to put Melbourne up for a September Olympics,this may prove to be a massive weak point on its bid and you can guarantee that opposition bidding cities will be,in some way,pushing this message to the IOC.I can only imagine IOC voting members visiting Melbourne before the bid announcement in September,wearing overcoats and dodging rain whilst they inspect the venues. The AOC know this,and while many are pointing a bias towards John Coates,i know in the past that Phil Coles and also Kevan Gosper(a melbournian) has expressed their concerns over a Melbourne Olympic scheduling problem.
  8. You are right ,Melbourne is a great city,but you wouldnt host a summer games in September.As you wouldnt host an Olympics in March in New York,London or Paris.
  9. Actually,it was.http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/HOMEBUSH_OLYMPIC_S/09-2000/957650.htm Ave max temp over 25 deg c,with 4 days that had rained. Nights were cool,but overall the weather was superb. Ive been in Melbourne long enough to know that Melb in September is not the right time for an Olympics
  10. The AOC have stated previously that their next preference is Brisbane,based on the climatic concerns of Melbourne. Even looking at Melbournes weather back in September 2012 and looking at the period of 15th Sep to 1st Oct( same as Sydney 2000),you can understand the AOCs concerns. Out of the 15 days,it wouldve rained on 11 days. Ave max high wouldve been only 16.9 deg C And only 7.8 deg C minimum. Melbourne in Sep is too cold and wet for a summer olympics
  11. I have said it before,and I will say it again. Melbourne's biggest challenge is the weather. When could Melbourne expect to host an Olympics? August/Sept?.. Way too cold Any time outside this period will not be acceptable to the IOC and international federations.
  12. How is it possible that Melbourne hosts an Olympics in July,August or September? It aint going to happen.
  13. Dont know if anyone hasnt mentioned yet,but OC is available in full on Official Site http://www.youtholympicgames.org/asp/vod.asp?filename=140810_OC_Opening_Ceremony'>http://www.youtholympicgames.org/asp/vod.asp?filename=140810_OC_Opening_Ceremony Not sue if that link works. Go to "video on demand" link from main site http://www.youtholympicgames.org/
  14. Im lucky to have worked at Sydney Olympic Park from 1990-1998.I saw it transfer from a run down abattoir to a superb Olympic venue.The atmosphere in the park and all around Sydney was something ill never forget. Great times!
  15. The increase in the Australian tally over Athens is due to a stronger swim team.The womens especially are much stronger than 4 years ago with many more World Record holders than what we had in 2004.Most other sports...especially cycling have seen a downturn..... Personally I think Australia will probably get around 20 Gold and around 50 medals
  16. SI is fairly accurate for Australia... 2004-SI predicted 19 Gold..We got 17 I remember 2000 also wasnt far off the mark. As for 2008 Gold :22 Silver 14 Bronze: 18 Total:54 That would easily be our most succesful Games...
  17. Whats your favourite stadium from past games and how do they differ from today?? Ill start with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Stadium(now Telstra Stadium) Sydney Olympic Stadium -2000 capacity-110,000 Sydney Olympic Stadium (Telstra Stadium) -2004 capacity-83,500
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