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  1. Dont know if anyone hasnt mentioned yet,but OC is available in full on Official Site http://www.youtholympicgames.org/asp/vod.asp?filename=140810_OC_Opening_Ceremony'>http://www.youtholympicgames.org/asp/vod.asp?filename=140810_OC_Opening_Ceremony Not sue if that link works. Go to "video on demand" link from main site http://www.youtholympicgames.org/
  2. The increase in the Australian tally over Athens is due to a stronger swim team.The womens especially are much stronger than 4 years ago with many more World Record holders than what we had in 2004.Most other sports...especially cycling have seen a downturn..... Personally I think Australia will probably get around 20 Gold and around 50 medals
  3. SI is fairly accurate for Australia... 2004-SI predicted 19 Gold..We got 17 I remember 2000 also wasnt far off the mark. As for 2008 Gold :22 Silver 14 Bronze: 18 Total:54 That would easily be our most succesful Games...
  4. Whats your favourite stadium from past games and how do they differ from today?? Ill start with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Stadium(now Telstra Stadium) Sydney Olympic Stadium -2000 capacity-110,000 Sydney Olympic Stadium (Telstra Stadium) -2004 capacity-83,500
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