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  1. Well, that DOESN'T make it the best ceremony for those trivial reasons. You have to watch MORE than a few and in the proper context of how Ceremonies developed, in order to make such a judgment. Start with LA 1984...include the Winter ones as well, then come back and say that Athens 2004 was the "best." ;)

    of 4 i watched, that's the best for me......when i find time, i will watch past for sure....but i think 1st games nothing can replace

    London wasn't bad, but lighting the Olympic flame was disasterous :D

    Beijing was great, but a bit leave impression of ''too much''.

  2. It's time for Madrid. I really hope they will host these games despite all economics problems that Spain has. Another reason why I want Madrid is Toronto 2024.

    I wouldn't like Tokyo because of time difference. Istanbul has great venues, money, good atmosphere, but they aren't still enough safe for me.

    Madrid has nice infrastructure, not only sports infrastructure, every competition in Spain always has good atmosphere and don't doubt they can do it well. Hala, Madrid :D

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