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  1. Ha, the irony of a Serb branding other nationalities as having more enemies than others. Serbian nationalism is one of the most evil things to happen to Europe since Nazi Germany. If you want to talk about number of enemies, basically all of Euorpe and the developed world views Serbia with contempt.

    We are not bombed by those ''enemies'' you talk about unlike some :P

    Evil? huh

    Let's mention old civilizations in America, how they almost diappeared, black people slavery, explatation

    modern crisis that USA makes when need money, make some crisis and earn money selling weapons. Hitler showed you how war industry is profitable job and you took his receipt.

    What left of Lybia and North Africa?? Nothing, nobody mentiones them now, but when USA needed money....it was good area to earn money

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  2. Really? And the U.K. doesn't? I bet after the U.S., the U.K. is right behind on the terrorist list. And Sochi is located right near one of the most volatile regions on the planet, where I'm sure extremists would love to strike against Russia's hard-line stance. And PyeongChang is right next door to a looney North Korean that would also love to blow South Korea off the map. So please get real, pcelica. But you were singleing out Boston, now you're just saying the U.S. in general. Make up your mind, wil'ya.

    You can't compare UK with USA. Uk isn't any more major power.

    Sochi and PyeongChang didn'thave terrorist attack, you had it. You predicted it? Oh yeah Maybe you want another Atlanta? If something can be prevented, why not to be

  3. You're right, I don't have to agree with your opinion. Which is why I mentioned my POV on the subject. It's what happens when you post your "opinions" on a *public* forum. :P



    But we're talking about an event 11 years in the future, where the host won't be chosen for another four years. I can't see the bombings being a factor at all - apart perhaps the Bostonian citizens' attitudes for whether they want to bid. And I could see that being more: "Yes, we'll bid, we won't let such events cow us!" than being scared off (well, the latest announcement shows they're anything but scared off).

    Yes, but who predicted bombing in Atlanta?

    At least, for Boston we know that something have already happen and might repeat, so better to prevent.

    Good for Boston people :)

  4. What the heck does that have to do with anything. London suffered transit bombings the day after they were awarded the 2012 Olympics, but hosted last summer just fine. Madrid suffered the worst terroist attack in Western Europe back in 2004, but yet they're on the 2020 Olympic short-list. So your "argument" is neither here nor there, to say the least.

    It means that i would skip city where people were killed during the sport event for some time. There are more cities in USA, as you know :P

  5. You believe in what media served you. I live here and know how it was.

    Sarajevo's chances are in 2036s, 2040s and so on...

    But not to be understood wrong, i would like to Sarajevo host games again, it would be good to have games such close + it would help a lot to winter sports in region. But when Slovenia, with way stronger economy and descent number of venues, and very developed winter sports can't, it's not objective to expect Sarajevo games in 2026/2030.....even 2032 is early, considerin current situation. Economy on the 1st place

  6. ^^ It's chatter like that even tongue in cheek that would not make you liked around here. ;)

    The Serbs were responsible for the war and Europe for not ending it quickly.

    I think another Sarajevo bid attempt, especially for the 2020's would be considerably stronger than the 2010 bid.

    By then they could justify the likes of a proper modern arena and such.

    You believe in what media served you. I live here and know how it was.

    Sarajevo's chances are in 2036s, 2040s and so on...

  7. Maybe so, but they have far more chances of any other city in the region - including Belgrade and Zagreb.

    Dogs on streets or not, I see no reason why Sarajevo can't host a second Winter Olympics in the 2030's or later - assuming that Serbian nationalism doesn't rear its ugly head again. With a recovered European economy, I see no reason why it can't happen. There would sure be a sentimental weight behind it.

    for winter games, they have ofc.

    Serbian nationalism??? Are you crazy?? Do you know who started the war? Bosniaks when they killed all people during the Serbian wedding in Sarajevo, that's how war in Bosnia started :P

    Well i said in next 20 years, they can not, but in 35s, 40s maybe. For 20 years they didn't manage to recover economy, especially federation of Bih, so it's slightly possible to happen in next 20 years.

  8. Maybe not "no" chances, but certainly not as high as neighbouring cities like Budapest or Vienna for the Summer Olympics or Sarajevo for a future second Winter Games.

    Are there any ski resorts in Serbia? Perhaps a Winter Olympics could be more appropriate for Belgrade.

    Vienna doesn't want games :(

    Budapest has more chances, sure

    Sarajevo doesn't have chances in next 50 years if we observe economy :D

    there are, but they aren't enough good for winter OG, and i doubt anyone would like to spend money to bulild everything for winter og + winter sports are very undeveloped and 10% of nation follows them

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