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  1. The cards are on the table, may the best win! The best of luck to Tokyo, Istanbul and Madrid
  2. Bit disappointed too with Madrid's presentation. Actually disappointed with the presentations of the three cities. I'm surprised to see no questions about the economy for Madrid, seems like they've hammered down very well that point. The doping and Operacion Puerto questions were obviously tough, but they seemed to navigate their answer quite well. Anyway, tough question round for the three cities, and my perception is that Madrid maybe gave the best answers or were better prepared for the questions. Prince Felipe's speech was the best of the day, that I have no doubt, although it surprised m
  3. I was actually half hoping for Shinzo Abe to scream out "Will somebody please think of the children?!?!"
  4. The seem to be over acting a bit to me. Very nice presentation still, better than I expected, but not so bombastic.
  5. The music of that video reminded me of a Nintendo video game
  6. Nice start, and they seem to be making an effort to appear and feel passionate and warm!
  7. I don't know, but I have the impression that Istanbul might have just shot itself on the foot. And the emotional card they pulled was already used by London. Hardly imaginative. I really expected their presentation to be much more bombastic, I really disappointed, I really wanted them to win...
  8. Mmmm, maybe they bettered their presentation a bit towards the ends, but still, it was a let down for me, expected a much better presentation for them. My analysis: They gave a very vague explanation of their master plan, not addressing the concerns of the IOC with transport. Also, they seemed a bit too demanding for me, and their hidden comparisons with the Spanish and Japanese bid... They should have kept those to themselves. Also, they did not pull the emotional card I expected from them, that young generation card was already used by London in their bidding times! And Erdogan... I expecte
  9. Ok, now I'm really disappointed with their presentation, focusing too much on themselves, and also, that background voice on the video reminded me of Big Brother!!
  10. One thing is clear, Erdogan is no Lula da Silva
  11. Isn't Istanbul trying to fish in Madrid's pond when saying that they have the lowest budget of the three cities? But contradictory. Also, too many comparisons with Japan and Spain. I actually expected their presentation to be a bit better, really.
  12. Gotta say, I would be über excited to see the Games go to Istanbul just because of the beautiful vistas. They would make some of the most photogenic Games ever, if not the most photogenic. I just can't get enough of that Bosporus view with the silhouette of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.
  13. OMG, I've just seen in TF1 (Télé France) that their special correspondent in BA has that the votes might be swinging around 35-40 for Madrid, around 30-35 for Intanbul, and actually Tokyo having the least! around 25 votes. He said that in the corridors the IOC has valued well Turkey's fight against doping and the low-cost vision from Madrid, and this is TeleFrance, they really don't have much interest in this (apart from Paris 2024). Goodness me that was unexpected, I really did not expect Tokyo falling in the first round à la Chicago. In case this is true and that it happens this way of cou
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