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  1. Neither than those countries will back any european bids. Some of them have plans 2024.
  2. More exciting! If Madrid lost i will like to see the games in Tokyo
  3. I respect al the point of views... You can like or not but there some points that i am agree and in some of them not. Whatever the final decission is not yours neither mine Totally agree with you in this point!
  4. Exactly... Relax please it is only an article from a newspapper analaizing how is now the situation. All this reasons can have weight or not in the election
  5. First of all, Could be two tiny countries but the Armenian genocide is an important question for Europen Union, Germany, France... Secondly, the primer minister of Greece doesnt vote. I remember when they backed Madrid 2012 and in the third round they voted London
  6. Madrid 2020 has 20.000 volunteers right now http://www.rtve.es/deportes/20130323/corazonadas-ilusion-mueven-mas-20000-voluntarios-para-madrid-2020/623161.shtml
  7. Today i could read a news which explains the real geo-political situation in the 2020 election. It is in Spanish but i have tried to traslate the main ideas. http://www.marca.com/2013/03/23/mas_deportes/otros_deportes/1364046265.html?a=PR8b1eddc2f85e71a9d2cf291cb7dd93d22&t=1364047845 1. Madrid 2020 is better than the last two bids before: compact and using emblematics venues. 2. Spanish Government runs with the account if there is deficit. And it has signed the guarantees of which it will be he who supports. 3. Clear answers to the evaluation comission. There werent any question without an answer. 4. The COI belongs partial to a new model. Pekín (40.000 million Euros), London (19.000), Rio (14.000), Sochi (50.000), Vancouver (9.200)... The Games walk towards an intolerable escalation of expenses, which reduces his universality because only a few countries can choose them. The trend wants to be invested. The budget of Madrid 2020 would be of 4.100. 5. Spain has 3 members IOC. The are doing a strong lobbie in the heart of the IOC. 6. Tokyo and the fear of the earthquakes. 7. Asia has hosted 4 Olympics events in 10 years: Beijing 2008, Singapur 2010, Nanjing 2014 and Pyongyang 2018. To much events in a few years. 8. Spanish successful of the athlets: Nadal, football, basketball national team, handball national team, Pau Gasol, Mireia Belmonte, Fernando Alonso... 9. The cases of abuse in Judo from Japan. 10. People from the sport are responsable of Madrid 2020, and this question likes IOC. 11. The delay of Sochi and Rio, in favour of Madrid. The evident delays that take the cities of Rio and, especially, Sochi with a view to the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2016 and 2014 they play in favour of Madrid. The IOC cannot allow any more risks in cities as Istanbul, which still has great for constructing. 12. Istanbul, far from the Olympian dimension. Istanbul, a city of any more than 11 million inhabitants, chaotic enough, does not look like the best possible scene to organize a few Olympic Games. The traffic between headquarters can be dense. In Madrid, one of the observers timed the distance of the Magic Box Tennis (the most distant installation) to the hotel in 13 minutes, one before what it was putting in the Bid book. 13. Qatar wants the games and Istanbul is problem for their objective. 14. Turkey doesnt have WADA lab. Ankara lost it after the scandal of basket player Diana Taurasi. Spain has two: Madrid and Barcelone, and Japan one in Tokyo. 15. The problem with Syria, Kurdistan and Armenia. 16. 13 members from Royal families. Spanish Royal Family has an excellent relations with most of them. 17. Alejandro Blanco chief of Madrid 2020 has a close relation with Jacques Rogge. And Jacques Rogge want the games in Madrid. He called two years ago the mayor of Madrid to involve him in the third olympic project for Madrid. 18. Jacques Roge is moving to the latin block. 19. Senkaku Islands. China, South Korea and Taipei want the islands an Japan took it last year without any agreement with this 3 countries which have strong lobbies inside the IOC. 20. The crisis is not had in account in the COI The last point is the most important. The COI has stressed already two times that the Spanish crisis is not a problem to give the Games to Madrid. It is more, gives the sensation that to be able to save an entire generation, ballasted for few opportunities and the unemployment, it can end up by being the great Olympian legacy.
  8. Will i think there are not a clear "wow-factor" like Río 2016. They presuaded de members saying that southamerica have never hosted a games, and they did very well. But Istanbul doesnt have this factor. Is it Europe? Asia? Doesnt matter, it is not enought. Istanbul has weakness that cant solve: - Syria with the civil war is an important problem for the security. - Armenia and Georgia never will acept a games in Turkey because the Armenian genocide. And France, Italy, Swiss and Germany have mistrust about them because this question. - Turkey broke the relations with Israel after the conflict of the humanitaryan boat. - everyone knows the bad relations between Greece and Turkey are really bad. Armenia and Georgia never participated in a games organaized by Turkey. They are not potencial countries in the games, but the rest of the world never accept this situation in XXI century. However, Tokyo has a good challance if they can get the european and asian vote. Tokyo will be in the second round with Madrid, which has: - american vote, not only the latin-american; USA and Canada want to bid for 2024 and prefer Madrid. - Asian votes from contries which doesnt have good relations with Japan as: South Korea and China. - European votes from countries which wont bid in 2024. - Spanish Royal Family has strong and powerful relations with the arabic and others muslim countries. Madrid will take votes from them. The winner city will get the games for a few votes. In my opinion 2016 was clear that Río win, but 2020 election is so exciting.
  9. The president of Atletico de Madrid said that in the season of 2015-2016 the team will play in the new stadium. http://www.marca.com/2013/03/20/futbol/equipos/atletico/1363771141.html?a=PR8b1eddc2f85e71a9d2cf291cb7dd93d22&t=1364030762
  10. Yes I agree with you. And I think that they are stronger in communication. This video is simple and cool, just to show to the IOC members the strengths of the bid. Could be the most compact games ever.
  11. All the world is in crisis. It is not an argue againts Madrid 2020. And this doubts were resolved in the last visit of the IOC. The head of the comission, Sir Criag Reedie, said that: "spanish economy will grow up and we wil include in the report [for the IOC members]". But everybody knows that Jacques Rogge appreciate Madrid 2020 bid and he said few days ago: "the crisis did not affect the Madrid bid, they are ready for the games" In a another hand, we can see only some articles from de international press and how they said that the international crisis is not a problem for the Spanish bid right now: France: http://www.20minutes.fr/sport/1123093-20130321-jo-2020-candidature-madrid-viable-selon-cio Venezuela: http://www.eluniversal.com/deportes/130321/coi-ve-economicamente-viable-la-candidatura-de-madrid-2020 Mexico: http://www.informador.com.mx/deportes/2013/444873/6/rogge-cree-que-la-crisis-no-afectara-a-madrid-2020.htm Mexico: http://mx.deportes.yahoo.com/noticias/coi-ve-viable-econ%C3%B3micamente-candidatura-madrid-2020-185745785--spt.html Chile: http://deportes.terra.cl/otros-deportes/el-coi-ve-viable-economicamente-la-candidatura-de-madrid-2020,6cace01a4fc8d310VgnCLD2000000ec6eb0aRCRD.html Spain: http://www.diariodesevilla.es/article/deportes/1487289/madrid/ya/no/teme/la/crisis.html Europe: http://en.europeonline-magazine.eu/analysis-euphoria-in-madrid-2020-crisis-no-longer-a-big-dealby-sebastian-fest-dpa_272195.html The feelings after the visit of the IOC is better than ever; and the authorities, the responsable of Madrid 2020 and people in all the country belive that in this ocassion could be posible. What does Madrid 2020 offer new? a compact bid which will show all the world amazing venues with a typicall Spanish accent: - Las ventas bullring for baskets impressed a lot the IOC members. - El Retiro for voley beach, with a great environment in the city center. - Santiago Bernabeu, everyone knows that is an iconic stadium for all the supporters of football. - La Zarzuela with a spectacular views of the skyline of the city Now all the bids project amazing venues but it doent say anything about the country where is celebrating the games. It has not the character of the city. If Madrid host the games, all the olympic family will see the passion of the spaniards.
  12. I love this video. I was very impressed with the result and I think than the comission got the idea that Madrid 2020 is: compact, smart and has amazing venues for the visitors and the press. It will be a great games if the IOC give us.
  13. Exactly... I am talking about that Spanish IOC member are having the opportunity to explain the project directly with the other members.
  14. In my opinion in this ocassion the feeling after the IOC visit Is that they were really impressed with this bid. This is better than the two before because is more compact and has spectacular venues in the city as: La Zarzuela, Las Ventas, El Retiro or Olympic stadium. Furthemore, in this ocassion Spain has 3 members of the IOC who can vote and one of them is member of the executive comitte. They are now the most important value to get the games because they will use the public relations and the contact with the other members to have success. Tokyo is amazing but they dont offer anything new for the Olympic movement. And Istambul has serious problems in security, transports and concept. It is not necessary to spend 20 billion dolars as Tokyo or 60 billion dolars as Istanbul. Madrid 2020 could be the first games with profits after Los Angeles 84.
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