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  1. Bad design in 2005 Bad design in 2007 Bad design in 2010
  2. Like the Red Cedar pillar, hate the stonehenge-like rock blob for the clock.
  3. Maybe they should think about adding a retractable roof like Toronto has.
  4. Not bad. I really like what I see, if this really is the pictograms. To bad about the ugly logo in the upper left corner!
  5. Relax, I was just having some fun. I realize Vancouver is not used to heavy snowfalls and cold temperatures. Anyways, here is Southern Ontario, we are expecting a high of +16 today!!
  6. This makes me laugh. You guys are hosting a winter Olympics, and you can't handle ONE snow storm!!
  7. Man becomes Mountain = Mountain becomes Man
  8. Here is my suggestion. I keeping with the creative of the logo, ROCK MAN
  9. With the creative so far on these games, anything won't surprise me.
  10. I designed my avatar more than a year and a half ago for a certain contest for a certain event being held in a certain location on the west coast sometime in the not so distance future ...
  11. If "Man Becomes Mountain", what does "Ilanaaq Become???"
  12. Looks more like the Whistler-Blackcomb logo. The logo is unimpressive, boring, and nothing stands out to make you say 'WOW'. That said, it is a improvement over Ilanaaq.
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