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  1. Is there any way to do ice climbing or mountain climbing other than a race? These are not sports where speed should be prioritized, and I would hate to see events like these added as a time trial. I don't mountain climb very often, but there is already too much focus on summiting as soon as possible even if you have altitude sickness, IMO. Impatience kills people in these sports.

    Yes, it is - look at Bouldering. Who climbs the highest, wins. Time doesn't matter.

  2. the possible Relay in Modern Pentathlon is missing in this overview.

    So, I've got 19 new events for Rio


    2x Cross country elimination race

    2x BMX freestyle

    2x Points race


    2x Team event


    2x Individual


    2x Team competition


    1x Mixed team relay


    3-5x WOMENS


    1x womens c1 slalom


    2x 3 on 3 competition

    Have I missed anything?

  3. I thought a little bit about the problem and by dropping greco-roman and eliminate some weight classes for example in male boxing you could have space for new sports. You can also create a mixed team event in Badminton instead of Doubles (M+W) + Mixed. And maybe the same with Table Tennis: one mixed team event instead of one event per gender. And by this you could add other sports like Squash or Climbing.

    I wrote it down a little bit more detailed in my blog (German).


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