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  1. I detest the Clintons, for many reasons. I do not like many things Trump has done. However in the US we had a choice between Hillary and Trump. The two party system set this up. It's time for it to go.
  2. 150 MASS shootings, can you support that statement in any way?
  3. FIFA scandal puts Copa America 2016 in question, says CONMEBOL exec BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- South American football's second most powerful official says the bribery scandal surrounding FIFA puts in "question" next year's Centennial Copa America tournament scheduled to be played in the United States. http://www.espnfc.com/fifa-world-cup/story/2476068/fifa-probe-puts-copa-america-2016-question-conmebol-exec I was really looking forward to this.
  4. Hey everyone, I am doing some preliminary research on credit cards for a project I am working on. I am not at all familar with European Credit Cards. I heard that they have a chip for security. My question is, can you order items over the phone then using a credit card that has a chip? How does it work? Do you have to put in extra information. Thanks, I know it seem like a basic question, but when I try to google stuff I am not getting my answer.
  5. This is very sad. Are a bunch of cartoonists really a threat to Islam?
  6. Jorge Mario Bergoglio becomes Pope!
  7. Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- The Cabinet of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak officially resigned on Saturday as thousands of demonstrators staged protests in Cairo and Alexandria, kicking off another day of anti-government ferment. The atmosphere in Cairo's Tahrir Square remained tense as demonstrators continued chants of, "Down with Mubarak." And on Saturday, state-run Nile TV reported that officials in the country had stepped down hours after Mubarak announced that he asked the government to resign. CNN
  8. US jolts Canada 5-3 as Rafalski scores twice VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP)—The Americans didn’t believe in miracles. They just believed. And they pulled off the biggest Olympic hockey upset since the Miracle on Ice, stunning Canada 5-3 on Sunday to advance to the quarterfinals of an already mixed-up tournament. Brian Rafalski scored two goals, Ryan Miller held off a flurry of shots and the Americans quieted a raucous, pro-Canada crowd that came to cheer its dream team, only to see it upstaged by a bunch of unproven kids. Link
  9. Weather could force more schedule changes in Vancouver VANCOUVER – Bad weather conditions at the mountain venue of Whistler could force changes to the combined Alpine skiing events, Vancouver Olympics organizers said on Saturday. The Alpine skiing men's downhill for Saturday was already postponed until Monday and organizers said bad course conditions and poor weather could also delay the combined events. "There is some discussion going on later today whether there will be adjustments to the combined events," Games spokeswoman Renee Smith-Valade told reporters. Link
  10. Olympic protesters clash with riot police in Vancouver VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) Police in riot gear confronted more than 200 masked protesters who hurled newspaper boxes through display windows of a popular department store selling Olympic souvenirs. Seven people were arrested after officers carrying clubs and shields quashed the downtown protest on the opening day of competition at the Vancouver Olympics. There were no immediate reports of injuries. Link
  11. All the work China put into these Olympics games is going to be overshadowed because of the stupidity by the Chinese government. Why risk everything to put a 14-year old child in the games when they could have replaced her with an of-age 16-year old gymnast? These games will be remembered for Chinese cheating, when they should of been remembered for so much more.
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