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  1. In North America (where the IOC gets the majority of the money) the big America TV stations didn't say anything,yes NBC was on other things. The NFL is in preseason. MLB is starting to shape up for the playoffs. The NHL is about to start preseason. The YOG was less than a month after the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games start in October. The costs of hosting the Olympics is rising. The IOC now puts on another event, these days cost is now the driving factor and the IOC doesn't pay one dime. Athens now has a legacy of white elephants. The final bill for Vancouver is yet to come in, London
  2. I agree the YOG are waste I like to know what the IOC was think just after the World Cup. The YOG wasn't even mention anywhere this could be a white elephant for the IOC.
  3. The Olympics are getting to big and costs are getting out control only rich cities can host the Olympics and now the IOC wants to put together the Youth Olympic Games. Doesn't the IOC Prez at the closing of the games say " I call upon the youth of the world" for the next games.
  4. When and will the Official Report of Torino 2006 be posted on the web and I have yet to see the Report of Athens 2004 on the web. Any one have any ideas?
  5. Your right baron but my point is what would happen if all US TV casters turn their back on the IOC?
  6. What would happen to the Olympics if NBC,ABC and CBS didn't bother with IOC. And Just show the Superbowl, World Series and College Football and yes even the World Cup?
  7. Over the years it has been ABC, NBC and CBS that have paid big bucks to the IOC. Think about the billions of dollars that they paid saved the Olympics from going in the toilet. What ever NBC wants they will get because they pay more than any other TV caster.
  8. The rating were low for 2000 and 2004 when NBC paid billions of dollars for the TV rights, the IOC is going to listen to NBC. Besides if where is most of the money coming from.
  9. Just a note: Depending on who you believe the 2006 Torino Olympics lost $80,000,000 [from the Mayor's office] or $250,000,000 [from the anti games movement]. Either way, the 2006 Torino Games posted a significant loss olympikfan
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