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  1. Could Toronto go the same way as Montreal? They better put in gear.
  2. Just as Rio gets 2016 its time that a city from South America puts in a bid and they would be the heavy favorite.
  3. 2 1984 and 1992 What year did Baron Pierre de Coubertin die, what did he die of and what was his request at after he die?
  4. BARON RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! How many gold medals does Micheal Jordan have?
  5. What year was the Olympic flag introduce and in what city?
  6. The information on the web site is very vague. At least Vancouver had and provided a lot of information leading up to the games. Toronto 2015 hopefully will transparent as Vancouver was.
  7. I read on the net that Ontario is having an election I hope the voters are aware of this.
  8. So how much more is Ontario going to put in?
  9. I have read over the the net that Toronto is in one deep hole, so if 2015 needs more money who are they going to?
  10. My point is the Olympic Village has put the city of Vancouver on the hook for a lot of money. In 20 years form now will the city even have something to show for instead of debt and white elephants. The Canadian Taxpayers federation well they weren't very happy with the amount of tax dollars that went into the games.
  11. Don't forget the Olympic Village? Years form now their will be a trace of the Olympics just as in Atlanta, Albertville Sarajevo.
  12. O.K someone paid for security and are they getting their money back? Someone paid for the Olympic Village are they getting their money back? Those who put money into the Olympics are they getting their money back?
  13. So the final financial report comes out and its even no gain no loss. But no where in the report does it state how much the City of Vancouver put into the games or Richmond and Whistler. Do you have a source that states it was 800 million? The G8/G20 security was over 500 million for two days (I'll make four days) and under a billion for two weeks? How about a complete forensic audit from Sep 30 2003 to Feb 28 2011 after submitting the official report.
  14. VANOC will put their best face forward but 2010 loss a lot money. It cost over a billion dollars in security alone and the Olympic village thats a billion where the profit? Their are many more items I can list but will VANOC provided a details forensic audit of the final cost?
  15. I have to agree Toronto won't get the Olympics. Where is the money going to come from since the IOC wants government backing. Toronto doesn't even have a train from the airport to downtown, well I can't see it.
  16. Does anyone know if Vancouver made a profit?
  17. the fact is that YOG host City Contract is the same. If it is in countless public documents can you please give a web site?
  18. The Host City Contract states:Part2 Section 18c: The payment of the travel expenses, in economy class, of the international judges, referees and other technical officials, including the persons on the juries of appeal of the respective IFs, shall be borne by the OCOG. This was taken from 2010 Host City Contract and the 2012 says the same and 2014 and 2016 are the same. The YOG contract is the same. Section 18 © is a fact.
  19. Most of the money the IOC got is from NBC to show 2010, 2012 and I don't know about '14 and '16. Why would the IOC tap into that money when Vancouver got short on cash and London is already way over the top. The IOC only pays for their travel and hotel. Another thing why would the IOC put the YOG after Vancouver and this is what I can't understand just after the World Cup?
  20. If you have a copy of the Host City Contract the IOC doesn't pay for the altheles. And besides most of the TV money comes from the US. The IOC only pay for their travel and Hotel. The Organizing Committee pays for every thing else.
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