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  1. Should Toronto make a bid for the 2024 games - Yes! Does Toronto deserve the 2024 games - Yes! Will Toronto get 2024 games - Yes! Will Toronto profit or gain from the 2024 - NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. A co woker forward a web site CP24 about a poll if Toronto should bid for 2024 58 percent say no.
  3. Do you know how big the Italian community is in Sydney, Australia, in NYC USA and in Canada. One million viewers my Italian freinds couldn't stop laughing.
  4. Could the TV rating of Euro 2012 surpass the the TV rating of the up coming Olympic Games. The 2008 Euro Cup had the highest for a Euro Cup. To see Football fan in cafes and some staying home to see the games means something. That does happen for the Olympics in this Football mad continent.
  5. Do you still believe that Toronto will make a bid after Ontario's budget?
  6. 30 million dollars for a temp Veledrome? Is that in the year 2024. Their is no way only 30 million, factor in inflation and cost over runs.
  7. Actually many of my co worker have degrees and they put in more than forty hours. But lets get back to the topic. Last time I was in Toronto on a stop over for 24 hrs I saw a city that will need a lot of money for the Olympics. I have been to many cities in this world you don't want the Olympic in your backyard.
  8. I know many who work 72 hours a week. When you work hard all your life and then you need help from the Gov but millions of dollars are going to a velodrome. With due respect in my years we don't call seniors names.
  9. Behind that math are Seniors and Taxpapers
  10. What makes you think that everything is going to be rosy in 2017. From now until 2017 their are going to be a boom in Seniors that I know Touch my pension over the Olympics I don't think so. London way over budget.
  11. Spain is in bad shape. When your living on a fixed income the olympics are the last thing on the mind of voters who have the final say
  12. Lets ask Seniors. Mr Seniors should Ontario put money into an Olympic bid instead on helping seniors, or should the gov of Canada put money into helping Toronto in Olympic bid instead of cutting the your pension.
  13. Lets ask Mr. Taxpaper. Mr Taxpaper should Ontario put money into an Olympic bid (after cutting costs to health care)?
  14. Toronto's olympic bid is dead. With the Pan Am games costs on the up there is no way that Toronto and Ontario are going to put a billion dollars into a two week event. Just ask the taxpapers!
  15. It has two years since the 2010 Winter Olympics. What has been the legacy? Has the City of Vancouver sold the Olympic Village? What about the venues? The IOC says cities benefits from the games. Yes everyone is going put that Vancouver got better public transit, and?
  16. I was wondering how many of you fans have been to the Olympic Museum. What was the experience like and what do you recommend for those who are planning a visit in the near future.
  17. Here are two: Patriot Hearts - John Furlong Five Ring Circus - Christopher Shaw Mr Shaw was harassed by law enforcement because of his stance against the Vancouver Olympics. He did many interviews leading up to the games, makes one wonder is Canada a democracy?
  18. thanks Sir Rols but what about hard to find books. The books on the list I have, but their is one I am having a hard time getting " India and the Olympics"
  19. I just got a copy of "Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies' by the Baron. Very good book! So I asked all what Olympic books do you recommend?
  20. Toronto should have gotten the 96 games. It would great for Toronto to host the Olympics but reading from the web T.O has a lot of matters to deal with.
  21. Prove me wrong, that what they say about Toronto.
  22. The only thing that matters to Toronto is Hockey.
  23. please correct me if I'm wrong but where dose it say in the Olympic Charter that a country must compete so many events and lets not forget a city hosts the Olympics not a country. And what is wrong with South America hosting the Winter Olympics?
  24. Who said " When I began my presidency the Olympic world was cut in two"
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