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  1. Again give to Oslo so time and money is saved. Does the world really need to go through this. The race is over. Hey, thanks for showing up! lets move on.
  2. Its time for the IOC to cancel the Youth Olympics. With two cities out of the bid for 2022 winter games the IOC should take heed. No one watches it and no one cares.
  3. Let the IOC give it to Oslo save everyone time and money. Hey! were done thanks kids for showing up. Just like The IOC gave it to 2020. The IOC is going to drag this for no reason. The race is over.
  4. Who cares? Isn't their something better one can do with their time?
  5. A co worker in Canada forward this to me. http://www.cbc.ca/passionateeye/episodes/putins-road-to-sochi
  6. So The IOC Prez wants to do something. All talk just as the IOC is, adding another sport for 2020 and at the same time controling costs. In my opinion we at Gamesbid should run the IOC. All of us have their own thing so we might make the Olympics better or even save them. Here's an idea let Football pro in the Olympics. O yes I forgot FIFA they like to have control.
  7. But are the taxpayers being biased? And do you still think Toronto will bid for the olympics. By the way nice Mayor.
  8. A co worker in Toronto forward me this: http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ontario-to-cover-extra-cost-of-toronto-2015-pan-am-games-1.1552298 Do you still believe TO will bid for the Olympics?
  9. The protests in Rio, Munich saying no, the iron fist of the IOC. Today citizens are standing up and are saying "not in my backyard'
  10. The rise of the Anti-Olympic Movement will be a force to be dealt with in the future. I post before ' the cost will be the cancer of the olympics" I have posted many time in the past about the future of International sporting events and taken heat for it. Take note that their was three cities that made a bid for the 2020 games. Two never had a chance the IOC just drag on with it. With the adding of the YOG( which no one cares) The IOC has to address the elephant in the room 'the cost of the olympic games"
  11. WOW! 50 Billion dollars that is an incredible amount of money! Many in Anti-Olympic movement and there are many, just use this information to their advantage. Does the IOC care about corruption, no not really? The new IOC president will have to deal with the cost of the games. Like I said before “the cost will be the cancer of the Olympics”
  12. The IOC takes on other issues such as doping, the environment, and limit the number of athletes. But the true issue will be cost. Sochi is now the most expenses winter games, I guess the German did not want that financial burden. Cost will be the cancer of the Olympics.
  13. The people of Munich have spoken. We at Gamesbid like or not have to accept it. I have always posted let the people decide. Bern said no to 2010. It is situations such as Munich that governments fear. They say one thing, the people say another. The IOC will have to face this in the 21st Century. The Sports world is different place. The Olympics and other international sporting events are subject to greater public scrutiny.
  14. Must of hit a sore spot with Chicago, Think of Chicago gets 2024 and all you Canadians would have another reason to come over. This is a city thats knows, when one business workers come they over to the city one told me " Chicago is the way Toronto should be" What does Toronto have that Chicago? Two baseball team NFL NHL the Bulls come on.
  15. I think Chicago is a better choice. Better planning over all
  16. I had a late flight out of Toronto and many I spoke to do not want the games.
  17. All of us can say what ever, but the people of Toronto do not want the games. Let the people have a vote if they want it
  18. That’s great that the rating were great but if you read what I put down “in this Football mad continent” I think I was speaking of Europe. So what were the ratings in Spain, Greece, Germany and other European Nations?
  19. Mr Juan Antonio Samaranch JR elected to the IOC 2001 gee the same year Dad was done and Rogge became President. It happen in the USA Dad-Son so why not the IOC. Come on people the wheeling and dealing has begun.
  20. The Euro Zone is putting pressure on Italy to get their financial house in order. The citizens of Roma could care less about the Olympics, what’s on the mind of Rome is AC Roma. Again I have put before let the people decide. I think those in Rome would say NO! To the Olympics. Just look at Torino at the sold out seats. Sure boost tourism, its Rome.
  21. Just as they did in Vancouver, are you in favor of Toronto holding a plebiscite on the Olympic Bid. Should Toronto bid for the 2024 Olympics? Yes or No. Put to the people.
  22. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/jul/02/euro-2012-spain-win Wow that just England I wonder about Itlay?
  23. I don't understand why a city needs to bid for the Olympics in order to build infrastructure projects or transit. Roads and Interstates need to be repaired now not wait to see if a city can get the Olympics.
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