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  1. Many of will disagree, but I stated before and still believe in it, it was a mistake for the IOC to have the winter games not in the same year as the summer games. It’s still makes no sense that putting the winter games in the same as the FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games Asian Games and also the YOG. Last week I was in Brasilia, the main talk is the World Cup, many locals could care less about the winter games. Outside North America and Europe no one cares. The talk is the grouping of the World Cup. As for the Commonwealth Games its somewhere out there.
  2. It’s time for a South America city to bid for the Winter Games.
  3. was it Rigged? http://thefixisin.net/newsfeed.html scroll down and look. As a big football fan it can't be. A co woorker in the USA forward me this? It can't be?
  4. Does anyone know any links to downloading or getting the 2012 Official Report.
  5. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-11-14/sports/chi-iocs-2022-winter-olympic-choice-could-be-made-today-20131114_1_winter-olympics-winter-games-ioc Thay even agree.
  6. After listening and meeting Andrew Jennings, I was amazed at this man knowledge of the IOC. So when you ask “what is my problem” attend one of his speeches and meet him. He will open your eyes about the levels of wheeling and dealing in sport. Absolute power corrupts absolutely
  7. Give to Oslo so time and money is saved. Does the world really need to go through this. The race is over. Hey, thanks for showing up! lets move on.
  8. The Olympic Charter cans always be changed. Baron you have got to be JOKING. The IOC "skills" and when does the IOC worry about money. I guess when it comes down to it the IOC doesn't want to losen its iron fist around the Olympics.
  9. The IOC aren't stupid. No they are just full of ( )fill in the blank.
  10. The cost is the cancer of the games. I have been saying this all along and have taken heat for this.
  11. Its time to put bodybuilding in the Olympics!
  12. Is it time for The IOC to start a new method of electing the way a host city is granted the Olympics. For example: to elect the city for the Winter Olympics it would be the members of the IOC and the NOCs that have attended the last winter games. The IOC and the winter federations would vote for the next city. Even all three, yes the IOC would lose its iron fist on the games (which is a good thing) but opens for more corruption (which is still in the IOC anyways) why should members of Kuwait, UAE or St Lucia vote for something they don’t understand. So any ideas?
  13. So the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and the main event THE WORLD CUP! So who is going to watch or care about the Youth Olympics?
  14. So why is the IOC president at a closing ceremonies “ calls upon the youth of the world to assembly four years from now’ The IOC been doing this for a hundred years. Adding the Youth Olympics made no sense.
  15. Rome, Munich, Stockholm, Toronto. The cost is the cancer of the games.
  16. And do you think the taxpapers are going to support this? If you paid what we pay here. Swiss isn't cheap
  17. Your right I don’t believe in polls, but in Switzerland we have vote in referendums. Is Toronto going to allow this? Then we get a nice clear picture. Bern had high public support in the polls but when the true vote came Bern withdrew. And look at Munich. So do the people have a choice in this matter yes or no.
  18. A co worker in Toronto forward me this http://www.torontosun.com/2014/01/14/olympic-bid-would-cost-toronto-at-least-50m Wow 8000 against the bid. Will the people have a say on this?
  19. Lets see Almaty, lets ask Borat. Beijing come on in Asia after 2018. Krakow surrrrrrree. Lviv they don't care.
  20. Again give to Oslo so time and money is saved. Does the world really need to go through this. The race is over. Hey, thanks for showing up! lets move on.
  21. Its time for the IOC to cancel the Youth Olympics. With two cities out of the bid for 2022 winter games the IOC should take heed. No one watches it and no one cares.
  22. Let the IOC give it to Oslo save everyone time and money. Hey! were done thanks kids for showing up. Just like The IOC gave it to 2020. The IOC is going to drag this for no reason. The race is over.
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