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  1. Is Toronto going to have a referendum on the Olympics?
  2. The best city is Paris everything is in place. Rome can’t afford it and the Italians don’t want the Olympics. Italy is in tough financial position. Toronto has no main stadium that’s a lot money. Let’s give it to Paris and this ordeal and waste of money is done. Boston mayor was smart he knew what the Host city contract demands were.
  3. With Boston out it shows that Agenda 2020 is a failure. What was the main reason COST! I hope the IOC took note of this.
  4. Does any one know or has a link to the official report of 2014 winter Olympics|?
  5. http://www.whdh.com/story/27796918/poll-do-you-want-boston-to-host-the-2024-summer-olympics Many of my co-workers don't want the olympics i try to explain the good of the games. One every wants Boston to vote on this. let the people vote, look what happen 2022.
  6. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/01/boston-olympics-2024-summer
  7. http://www.thenation.com/article/178049/meet-ioc-ideal-candidates-perp-walk# You got to like Andrew Jennings the only man who tells the truth about the IOC.
  8. "This flag dips to no earthly king." 1908 olympics And this is why the United States of America is the greatest country in the world! No royalty BS!
  9. Your right Baron, therefore I apologies to the following IOC members: HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein HRH Prince Haya Al Hussein HSH the Sovereign Prince Albert II Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al Sabah HH Sheikh Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani Baron Pierre-Olivier Beckers Vieujant Sir Philip Craven (not Mr) HRH Crown Prince Frederik HRH Prince Tunku Imran HSH the Princess Nora of Liechtenstein HRH the Grand Duke of Luxembourg Sir Craig Reedie (not Mr) HRH the Princess Royal (God Save the Queen) And Honourable Member Henry Kissinger I commend for all their community efforts finding a spare moment
  10. My apologies to the horse. Why doesn’t the horse get the medal? BTW So, does ladies beach volley ball it looks good on television too. Equestrian competition was dropped from the 1904 Olympic Games, and owed its return to Count Clarence von Rosen, Master of the Horse to the King of Sweden. I guess when royalty speaks the IOC listens. Baron; did the IOC do anything? Put the Olympic Channel up against F1, Euro Football, or American Football. Then let’s talk telly rating
  11. Well put Quaker2001! Well once the IOC sees the checks getting smaller then they will acted. Just like 2022, the IOC could care less about equal rights when a city with the biggest check is waved in front of them, that’s where 2022 will go. It’s the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR (POUND-EURO) WRAP UP IN A IRON FIST.
  12. Equestrian should be cut why does a athlete need a horse to win a medal. Can someone please tell me when was the last time a horse pee in a bottle? The IOC did NOTHING!!! I guess they couldn't wait for the cocktail party to start. No (free elected) government on this planet would past reforms this fast.
  13. The IOC did nothing! One day vote next day have cocktails?
  14. Recommendation All future IOC sessions and Congress will be held in pervious Olympics cities. No more Monte Carlo and being wine and dine. If the IOC boasts about legacy then then should see first-hand.
  15. Recommendation - Taxes - no more duty free. The IOC will pay any taxes in the host country not the City or the OCOG
  16. Recommrndstion 37 One time extension of term in office beyond 70. NO! Recommendation 38 No more royalty in the IOC. Recommendation – The IOC will loosen its grip and allow greater selling of olympic merchandise around the world. Recommendation – Find cost savings in the opening and closing ceremonies. (Sorry Baron)
  17. Recommendation 1-6 The Host City Contract made public, well that just fuels opposition to the Olympics. Knowing the financial contribution by city and government. Recommendation 19 The Olympic Channel. Its nice to see that the IOC can joke. I believe NBC try it. Recommendation If the IOC is serious about costs. Then CUT SPORTS!!!!!!!
  18. Recommendation 25 Cancel the Youth Olympics - No one watches them and no one cares. Recommendation: IOC members will be housed in the Olympic Village - no more 5 star hotels. They will be with the athletes and goodness eat with them. you know the athletes what the Olympics are about. Recommendation International Federations pay for the travel of officials to and from the Olympics.
  19. read this report then ask taxpayers the Olympic are great? http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2238053
  20. the buck stops at the IOC they pick the cities that will host the games. As for Vancouver if you believe they broke even wait until the real story comes out say in 10 years. Calgray lost money. Don't count on the USA to bail you out this time! Maybe this could lead to one site for the Winter Games. Just watch for the YOG to vanish. because again cost!
  21. So what happen to the loads of money that came in to the city? Where is the money that the City of Vancouver put in? So from the first day back in July 2003 to June 27, 2014 your debt free? And if people believe that BS well then you did and good job.
  22. Dear IOC So you have final taken blame for the situation of 2022. What took you guys so long? Was it the demands the IOC places on the cities that bid for the games, is it that all of you wish to be wine and dine and treated like high class diplomats? Is it that all of you have lost touch with the real world? I hope that Agenda 2020 will actually mean something. By the way please don’t count on the United States to bail you out like we did in 1984. We rather watch College football or the NFL or NASCAR.
  23. I wonder if their will be many portesting the Queen. The Games might have a bad effect rally up thoses who don't to part of the Commonweath.
  24. So the people of Krakow spoke is this a surprise, no I always believe that " let the people have a say" well they did. Lets face it Games bids Nation. Many don't want the Olympics.
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