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  1. Politicians could also used that China will be unsafe for athletes. So China has over 85,000 cases and over 4000 deaths Covid (pure BS!!!!!). Trump already said that re elected he will take on China. So He could get votes on the fact that many are pissed at China for lying to the world and the biggest cover up in the 21 century. How will the IOC mark the one year countdown? Does any expect that Covid will be gone by 2022?
  2. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-54052669 The world has now 27 million cases and 880 thousand deaths. Travel restrictions are still in place. 318 days to go. Lets see how the NFL will do. they are a big show too.
  3. 343 days to go! And not one person has yet to put Yes or No.
  4. So again, Summer Olympics are cancel, but that's OK China we in Japan just lost billions on Yens. Japan and China are not best of friends. And Japan will send their winter athletes over? And other countries will support Japan. The EU and UK just might support Japan. The Olympics are nothing in Europe the only thing that matters is Football! And Euro 2020 in 2021 is the main thing in EU. And Japan could care less, because Japan won't host any Olympics for a very long time; IF they are cancel. And forget about 2028 what about 2024. If France backs Japan. And I did some calculations. This year
  5. Here is another thing to consider, If the summer Olympics are cancel. who is to say that the winter athletes will start a movement of solidarity to show support for those summer athletes. who lost their moment. In other words we didn't have ours you don't get yours. Another way to not use the word boycott.
  6. This was just recently. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1096455/japanese-govt-adviser-coronavirus-risk
  7. This is a simple question to all who follow the Olympic movement. Taken is the current state of the world of sports. International travel, No vaccine. the possible second wave later this year which could last into 2021. Thousand of Athletes in the Olympic Village. Could Tokyo be the first Olympic Games to be cancel this century? Yes or No. Please just a yes or no.
  8. Are athletes going to feel safe in China? You think the world will forget about Covid 19 in 2022. The WHO has yet to declare the pandemic over. The NHL would send its players over. And international tourists would go to China, This is not the world of 2008.
  9. Don't rule out that Tokyo might get cancel. Its a strong possibility. If the world has a second wave and COVID can not be control . The Olympics are cancel. And if anyone thinks it wont happen the risks are very high.
  10. If Tokyo is cancel and don't rule it out does anyone think it will be pay back to China.
  11. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/28/sport/olympics-coronavirus-canceled-tokyo-2020-spt-intl/index.html And the Winter Games are in China.
  12. Their are many countries very upset at China. India is one that is taking a stand to China. Many countries in Europe are taking steps to deal with China, and if Trump is reelected he might boycott the games and force others countries to do the same. Take heed IOC.
  13. Well with only two cities it has shown that agenda 2020 is a failure, the IOC is totally lost! Now why bother until September, the IOC should call a special meeting and give not award one city 2024 and the other 2028. It is totally stupid to move forward with this, it is now a joke! Some might disagree but I have been right in the past. The cost of the Olympics is still out of control.
  14. Here go again! The Olympics on budget?http://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1047341/governor-still-concerned-about-rising-tokyo-2020-budget
  15. Maybe LA should have a referendum $250 million is a lot of money. Or City Hall fears something?
  16. Budapest can not afford the Olympics. And many don't want the games.
  17. It is time that the IOC really address the of cost of the Olympics. Agenda 2020 was a joke! Rome main issue was Euros. Now Tokyo needs cost cutting, well lets see add more sports is that a cost saving. And IOC Prez Bach stated Rome lost a billions, well Rome is up a billions because now they don't have to bid. But I have bin posting cost is the the elephant in the room of the Olympics.
  18. So the IOC puts its best face forward when it comes to the environment. Well Pyeongchang2018 has completed the destruction of the primeval forest which has stood on Mount Gariwang for hundreds of years to make way for the Alpine Downhill ski event which will last for all of three days. The new golf course In Rio millions of Reals for a game no one cares in Brazil. The IOC doesn't care about the environment. O I forgot Beijing, a co worker got back two weeks and well God help us!
  19. One year after Agenda 2020 and what do we have. Only two true cities that can handle the Summer Olympics. Rome could care less about the games the only thing that matter to the Italians is football. Let’s get this over with give it to LA and call it a day. O yeah the IOC needs to be wine and dine first.
  20. Did they care about 2006 both Rome and Budapeast can afford the games.
  21. Budapest can not afford the games and may don't want the games, same thing in Italy.
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